Buyanga wins world business leaders award

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Buyanga wins world business leaders award Mr Buyanga

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South African based businessman and founder of the African Medallion Group, Frank Buyanga, received an award at the World Business Leaders Summit and Honours “19 held in Dubai last week.

The event was held on April 27 and 28.

The award was presented by the Global Academy of Psychological Sciences, in honour of the company’s unique and persistent contribution in the field of expertise.

Speaking after receiving the award Mr Buyanga said he was there representing AMG and Pan African Business Forum (PABF), where he sat as an executive director for entrepreneurship on the Pan African Business Forum board.

“The African Medallion Group is an African diversified company with footprints in South Africa, Lesotho, Mauritius, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The AMG has interests in gold, financial services, mining and property.

“Ladies and gentleman, I chair this group and together with other partners, we felt motivated enough to invest money and time to help other African start up companies,” he said in a speech read on his behalf by AMG executive assistant Jeanry Warrington who also received the award on his behalf.

Mr Buyanga said they had encouraged African Governments to increase beneficiation of minerals especially gold to create employment among continental youths and to pursue entrepreneurship for self-emancipation .

“In Africa we are the authors of the world’s destiny but we don’t know it, Africa today has vast resources, human capital and mineral resources. Africans have the best the world has to offer but the only people who don’t know about this are Africans.

“The only people who are ignorant seem to be African but everyone else seems to know about the wealth in Africa. Ladies and gentlemen, these are hard truths and serve as motivation to some of us who are ready to get in the front of nurturing the future of Africa,” Mr Buyanga said.

Mr Buyanga said with PABF, they focus on accelerating socio- economic development of the continent through a combination of carefully considered programmes and projects developed by Africans .

“We have already launched a US$500 million dollar infrastructure fund,” he said.

Mr Buyanga is a Zimbabwean businessman based in South Africa.

In 2017 he established AMG,  which surpassed ZAR1 billion  threshold in gold reserves in less than a year of its inception.

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