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Busiswa’s short, sweet romance with Harare

10 Sep, 2018 - 00:09 0 Views

The Herald

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent
In what is now seemingly a trait with South African female artistes, Busiswa delivered a superb but short performance at the Steward Bank Kanzatu-nzatu Charity Benefit Show held at Alexandra Sports Club on Saturday afternoon.

The “Gobisiqolo” hitmaker took to stage with a mixed version on United States popstar Beyonce’s “Who Runs the World” and “My Name Is”, a song she originally did with DJ Zinhle.

Displaying some amazing dance moves with the aid of two dancers, the artiste had the crowd singing and dancing along to her hits.

She then moved to her hit “Lahla” which features Uhuru, a song she dedicated to her audience who she said were lucky to be experiencing different kinds of freedom.

“Many want to be free as you are, free from thinking of what you’ll have to eat, or where you will sleep, free enough to be here and celebrate life with friends and family,” she said in a speech befitting to the purpose of the show.

Busiswa also belted hits like “Midnight Starring”, “Bazoyenza” which features DJ Maphorisa, and “Gobisiqolo”, all being well received but just taking up 30 minutes of her time.

This is a similar case to her fellow countryman, Shekhinah who performed a 20-minute set at Unplugged three weeks ago.

A member of the audience at Kanzatu-nzatu, Tariro Muthimukulu, said: “I really enjoyed Busiswa but I feel cheated. The least we can have with someone who flew all the way from South Africa is an hour.”

Locals who performed at the same event were on stage for at least an hour, except for rapper Ti Gonzi, who came in as a surprise act belting only two songs “Vanhu Vanofara” and “Zvenyu” leaving the crowd calling for more.

As has become norm, it was Winky D who had the best day in office going on stage with “Gombwe”, belting hits including “Parliament”, “Finhu”, and “Rugare”, all being sang along to, with “Ngirozi” which features Vabati VaJehovha getting an extra uproar.

Fans kept on calling for one more song, but three songs later, the artiste just had to skip stage, leaving a lasting impression.

Impressing was the fact that organisers recognised Winky D’s great stage work, and gave him the last slot, thus Busiswa though an international act, opening for him.

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