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Business leaders convene in Harare

15 Mar, 2018 - 00:03 0 Views
Business leaders convene in Harare Sourcing of regional and international markets for locally produced products will be high on agenda during the business leaders’ meeting in Harare next week

The Herald

Business Reporter
Business leaders nationwide are expected to converge in Harare next week to discuss wide ranging issues affecting businesses among them improvement of value chains and sourcing of regional and global markets for products and services.

They are meeting under the third annual edition of the Business Leadership and Enterprise Competitiveness Summit to be held under the theme; “Expanding Access to New Markets.”

The summit is being organised by financial services company, Mtilikwe and will be convened on March 22 at a local hotel in the capital.

The chairman of Mtilikwe, Kingstone Kanyile, in a letter to the Acting Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Simon Khaya Moyo, requested The Herald and ZBC to be official media partners for summit.

“We extend a warm invitation to your Ministry through its affiliates the Zimpapers Group (The Herald) and Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) as the official media partners to the third edition of the annual, Business Leadership and Enterprise Competitiveness 2018.

“The objective of the summit is to implore on business leaders on the impetus to transforming their orientation towards pursuit of new global markets through regional and information access, for Zimbabwean goods and services as a sustainable path towards national economic progress and shared prosperity for all,” he said.

Mr Kanyile said the summit is an annual gathering of high level Government officials, cross sectorial business leaders, decision makers, policy makers, regulatory authorities and various economic agents.

The foci of the meeting is for business leaders to gather and share perspectives on challenges and opportunities the enterprises are encountering in order to shape policy formulation for increased production.

“Due to low levels of export — focused enterprises in the economy, it would be the opportune time to harness the positive momentum generated by the new Government through the New Economic Order, by encouraging business leaders to focus on graduating from local to regional and global markets as a routine to achieving sustainable macro-economic growth for our beautiful nation, Zimbabwe. Thus, creating multiple streams of export receipts our country dearly craves for through increased provision of goods and services in the global marketplace.”

The summit will share and discuss some initiatives that target the key competiveness matters at enterprise level pursuant to; developing a global mindset to meet new global marketplace realities.

It also seeks to integrate enterprise production and services into global value chains, graduating from local dominance to regional and international markets, export law reforms to support export oriented enterprises and financing options for expansion into the export markets.

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