Burkina Faso percussionist for Kunonga concert

Burkina Faso percussionist for Kunonga concert Victor Kunonga
Victor Kunonga

Victor Kunonga

Arts Correspondent
It is going to be a mixed bag of performances as Victor Kunonga is set to share the stage with popular Burkina Faso percussionist Constant Outdragou at Bar Rouge in the capital tomorrow.

Victor Kunonga’s protégé Norman Masamba as has become the norm is set to open the show.

In an interview, Kunonga urged people to come in their numbers to witness a unique show that will also see him invite different artists to perform with him.

“We are going to have the usual Victor Kunonga performance but this time with a different approach.

“We are going to invite a number of different artists who are our friends some local and one from Burkina Faso,” he said.

“People must come in their numbers and also look forward to our traditional oriented music with tete Joyce Waritandwa from Mhondoro doing what she knows best on the mbira.”

Kunonga added that they are also going to invite Brian Kadengu to perform.

“We are also going to invite Brian Kadengu to add one or two things to the concert.

“We just want to have a variety so that we cater for different people who have different tastes when it comes to music,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bar Rouge entertainment manager Sheba Motsi said they are looking forward to a memorable night with one of the country’s best Afro Jazz musicians.

“Victor Kunonga is one of the artists that we believe in; his mature music is perfect for our venue.

“Norman Masamba has also been doing well lately.

“The young man is in the right track and we are looking forward to a wonderful night,” she said.

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