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Bullish Logarusic outlines tactics

14 Feb, 2020 - 00:02 0 Views
Bullish Logarusic outlines tactics Zdravko “Loga’’ Logarusic

The Herald

Mukudzei Chingwere Sports Reporter

WARRIORS coach, Zdravko “Loga’’ Logarusic, says he will teach Zimbabwean players how to play football without the ball at their feet.

The Croatian was unveiled yesterday in Harare by ZIFA.

The gaffer has a decade of experience in African football and he said there was a common weakness he had observed on the continent.

Addressing the media in Harare yesterday, Loga said he was aware he will have little time with the players and was only aiming at improving their tactical awareness.

Play video below:

“You have to mix football to be international, from Croatia I will bring some pieces which are missing in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“With my experience in Africa, I won’t teach them skill, I cannot teach them dribbling, how to make a shot, but I can teach them to improve their game without the ball.

“That is key, (to play) a game without the ball.

“Africans are gifted, they have skill because they play football on the streets, they have the stamina, they have speed, they have flexibility, but let us improve the game without the ball.

“If I improve 10 percent on each player, without (the) ball, I have an extra player. I am not asking too much, if I improve a bit on each player, then the results must be better.

“As a national coach, you do not work like you are at the club, Monday to Friday. I have four days and in four days I cannot change their skill, but I can change their confidence and (give) tips to make them better.’’

The Croat torched a storm recently when he said Ghana were favourites to qualify for the World Cup finals.

When the Croat was asked what he meant by tipping the Ghanaians, he provided an intelligent response.

“I was talking to a Ghanaian journalist. What should I say?” he asked.

“I told them they are favourites. Let them relax, do not pump your players on me.

“Why should I need the support of the Ghanaians, I like to relax the opponent and if I tell you, you are favourites, then we talk after the game.

“I do not want them to prepare (intensively) for (us), you will go there and play against the whole country in a filled stadium, so let’s have a relaxed opponent.’’

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