Builder to pay $85 for child upkeep

Builder to pay $85 for child upkeep

gavelIvan Zhakata Court Reporter
A woman has taken her former husband to the Harare Civil Court demanding $600 a month for the upkeep of their two children. Mary Chisveto accused her husband, Gilbert Kavhu, a building contractor, of neglecting his children while leading a lavish lifestyle.

Chisveto last week told Harare Civil Court magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza that Kavhu as a building contractor earns more than $3 000 every month and was capable of maintaining his children.

“I want $600 for our two children,” she said. “He is a building contractor and earns more than $3 000 per month. He is the one who gets building contracts and then employs builders to do the work. He has two vehicles and a house in the leafy suburbs.

“I am a vendor and realise about $70 per month. I stay with my sister who helps me in taking care of his children while he is enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.”

Kavhu denied being a building contractor and told the court that he is just a builder who does part-time jobs.

He offered $40 saying he would not want to risk being arrested for failing to pay maintenance.

“I am offering $40 because I am a builder who relies on piece jobs, not a contractor,” Kavhu said. “I have two other wives and five other children who also need my support, so the money she is claiming is too much.”

Mr Nyatsanza ordered Kavhu to pay $85 for the upkeep of his two children.

Meanwhile, a Seke woman who alleges to have been chased out of her matrimonial home by her stepchildren has been allowed back in by the courts.

Josephine Mandeya alleged that her four stepchildren – Clayton, Brighton, Richard and Sekai Mutasa – acted in cahoots with Chief Seke to evict her from her matrimonial property.

Mandeya, who was seeking a protection order against the four, told Harare Civil Court magistrate Mrs Marehwanazvo Gofa last week that the four turned on her after her husband died.

“These children are my husband’s and they turned on me when my husband passed away,” she said. “They connived with Chief Seke whom they told I was abusing them and agreed to chase me away from my house.

“They do not talk to me, they alienate me and this is causing emotional abuse to me. The four also insult me and do not respect me as their stepmother.”

Clayton, Brighton, Richard and Sekai did not oppose their stepmother’s application for the protection order, but denied the allegations of abuse.

“We have no problem with her application because we no longer stay together,” said Clayton in agreement with his siblings. “She is now staying with a new husband, so we do not know why she is seeking a protection order against us.

“We have never abused her and she is manufacturing allegations against us.”

Mrs Gofa ordered the four to stop abusing Mandeya and to keep peace with her at all times.

She also ordered Mandeya to return to her matrimonial home forthwith.

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