Brown shooting shows US hypocrisy

Brown shooting shows US hypocrisy

Herald Reporter
The US Government that hypocritically accuses Zimbabwe of alleged human rights abuses has come under fire from the United Nations over the wanton shooting of an 18-year old black man in Missouri that prompted widespread demonstrations.
Michael Brown was killed by a policeman who pumped six bullets into his body.
Chaos erupted on the streets of Ferguson in Missouri as police unexpectedly fired tear gas into a crowd of demonstrators protesting against the killing, including women, children and members of the media, before imposing a curfew to control the protesters. Although details of the shooting are still contradictory, reports say Brown was originally stopped for jaywalking on August 9, because he and a friend were walking in the middle of the street in the afternoon.

Officer Darren Wilson fired multiple shots at Brown, at least one of which was fired from his squad car.
However, police say Brown was shot after he reached for Wilson’s gun during an altercation inside a police car.
But witnesses insist Brown had his hands up when he was shot.

As protests intensify, United Nations Secretary-General Mr Ban Ki-moon urged all parties to exercise restraint and for authorities to respect the right to peaceful assembly.

According to Mr Ban’s spokesperson, the UN chief was aware that United States federal authorities have announced an investigation into the killing by local police of 18-year-old Michael Brown. The Secretary-General hopes local and federal investigations “will shed full light on the killing and that justice will be done.”

“Mr Ban called on authorities to ensure that the rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression are protected. He also called on all to exercise restraint and for law enforcement officials to abide by “US and international standards in dealing with demonstrations,” said the spokesperson in a statement.

However, the US is quick to make noise when ever members of the opposition are arrested for embarking on some illegal demonstrations.
In most cases the opposition demonstrated as grandstanding whenever there are important regional or international conferences to attract the attention of world leaders.

Zimbabwean police have never used such maximum force when dealing with protesters, criminals or when controlling crowd to the extent of firing six bullets into defenceless and unarmed civilians.

However, America and its allies have since used their political and economic influence to punish Zimbabwe by imposing its leadership among them service chiefs, senior Government officials and President Mugabe and his wife Amai Grace Mugabe on sanctions.

They accuse them of causing violation of human rights in the country.
Some companies and individuals had their money intercepted and forfeited to the US Government’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), resulting in many people suffering as they fail to get basic essentials such drugs and food.

Political and social commentator, Dr Charity Manyeruke, yesterday said America had a lot to learn from Zimbabwe and Africa, where human rights and respect for human sanctity were part of culture.

She said the story was different with America where these basic rights were taught in schools, and those that failed to attend would kill with impunity.

“They have to come and learn more from African where human rights and respect for life were part of ubuntu. In African we do not have to go to school to learn to respect life. Africans should know that America is the worst example of countries that respect human rights in the world, they are the ones that need to be assisted,” she said.

She said the brutal murder of Brown smacked of serious racism, adding that the teenage boy needed to be rehabilitated instead of being killed.

“The whole incident borders on racial segregation. There is serious racial discrimination in America, they do not respect black people’s rights,” she said.

Following the shooting, Mr Jay Nixon, the Governor of the state of Missouri, ordered the deployment of National Guard troops to “protect life and property” and deal with the protesters.

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