Brita ventures into visual arts

Brita ventures into visual arts Brita Masalethulini
Brita Masalethulini

Brita Masalethulini

Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
Former model and business woman Brita Masalethulini has ventured into visual arts. She is now a painter. She was part of artists and designers who met world acclaimed designer Manuel Fernandez at Dominic Benhura’s gallery last week.

She is happy about her new endeavour and urged parents to support children who are into art.

“Painting is good and you learn to express yourself through your works. It is good that we give our artists the support they need,” she said.

The former Miss Malaika said it was good that women venture into art as it was an interesting discipline.

She is sharpening her painting skills with a local art institution and she is passionate about her career as a visual artist.

“I am learning hard but all the same it is easy for you to come up with paintings as well as expressing your views,” she said while elaborating on one of her art works.

Brita hopes to make it big on the international market with her works.

“I am aiming to make my name a brand on the international market though it does not come on a silver platter but needs hard work, innovation as well as creativity. I hope that one day I will be there,” she said.

She said people should not underrate arts as it is a discipline that brings food on the table as well as enhancing women empowerment.

“Art is a form of employment and it should be taken seriously.

“Parents should not discourage children from pursuing art as it is a form of employment,” he said.

She began her career as a model whilst she was a student at Harare Polytechnic.

Masalethulini was crowned Miss Zimbabwe in 1999 and in 2001 she was crowned Miss Malaika

She once worked for Pinnacle Properties before she started her own business of manufacturing chemical detergents. She says painting is her new love and it has brought her back into the arts industry.

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