Tawanda Marwizi : Arts Correspondent

Author Tafadzwa Mushangwe has penned a book titled “Breeding Masters of Destiny” that will be launched tonight at Cresta Lodge. According to Mushangwe the book is a motivational tool, which gives focus to the ‘how’ part of things. “The book is about how destiny is discovered, how to pursue it and how to maintain the attained greatness,” said Mushangwe.He said he penned the book out of three core passions.

“The book was inspired by the need to coach the weak to be strong, empowering the poor into greatness and walking the despised and rejected out of the corridors of inferiority into being masters of their own destiny,” said Mushangwe.

He said another motive was being a voice to the accomplished on maintaining their greatness, shutting the doors of the ‘from riches to rags’ kind of headlines.

“The last one is the intense desire to see people pursuing the so called mystical ideas, walking tunnels uncharted and giving God the glory,” he added.

Mushangwe said though it was his first book, he was optimistic it will be instrumental in several people’s lives.

“As authors, we do work so that people get inspired and take two or three lessons from the book. This one is my first book but I am sure the content is enough to inspire readers,” he said.

The book’s foreword was done by Dr Nigel Chanakira.

“Several people have failed to pursue their dreams in life because ‘how to pursue’ becomes a challenge to them. The book seeks to address such issues,” he said.

He is confident that the pioneer project would open doors for several other books that motivate people to work hard in order to achieve greatness.

Several people are expected to grace the launch of the book tonight.

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