Breaking: Harare ECD learners kidnapped! The kombi at Macheke Police

Crime Reporter

At least 22 pupils were reportedly kidnapped from David Livingstone Primary School yesterday afternoon by a kombi driver who usually picks them up from school to their homes in Kuwadzana.The pupils who are in ECD A and B classes were later found by a motorist after the kombi had run out of fuel in Macheke.

The motorist found the children crying and stopped his vehicle to investigate.

He then made a report to the police who attended the scene.

Police have since arrested the driver while the children were referred to Marondera Hospital for medical examination.

Investigations revealed that some parents in Kuwadzana had been paying the driver to drop off and pick up the children at the school for a long time.

The children were reportedly picked up from school at around midday.

It was however still not clear about the motive behind the kidnapping case as police are still interviewing the driver.

Police are yet to issue a detailed statement about the case.

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