UPDATED: Entire Zesa board fired

08 Jun, 2019 - 00:06 0 Views
UPDATED: Entire Zesa board fired Minister Chasi

The Herald

Africa Moyo Deputy News Editor
ENERGY and Power Development Minister Fortune Chasi yesterday fired the entire ZESA board for failing to “appreciate the urgency of the situation we are in”.

The country is battling acute electricity shortages, and Minister Chasi says the board was not doing much to address the power challenges.

In an interview with The Herald last night, Minister Chasi said he will replace the board with people who do not wait for monthly or quarterly meetings to address power challenges confronting the nation. “I have fired the ZESA board,” announced Minister Chasi.

Asked why he had sacked the board, which was only appointed on March 19 this year, Minister Chasi said: “I want people who appreciate the urgency of the situation we are in. I did not see that in them.

“The challenges at ZESA are deep-seated and they need people who are hands-on, who will not wait for a quarterly meeting or monthly meeting or things like that. So I will be looking around for men and women of integrity who have experience; proven, not academic persons.”

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