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BREAKING: BUSE discovers cure for Newcastle virus

02 Apr, 2020 - 13:04 0 Views
BREAKING: BUSE discovers cure for Newcastle virus Professor Eddie Mwenje

The Herald

Fungai Lupande Mash Central Bureau
Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) this afternoon claimed they have found a cure for the Newcastle virus which has caused major losses in the poultry industry worldwide.

The discovery is the first in the world.  Vice Chancellor Professor Eddie Mwenje this afternoon said they tested the drug on chickens and it worked. He said the drug would be released any time this year.

“Bindura University of Science Education has been working on the virus and we have been doing research on Newcastle. We now have a cure for the virus and we are doing tests to finalise the market mechanism of action the drug,” he said.

“The drug should be out sometime this year. We have submitted our projects for final funding to our ministry.”

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