Brazil envoy bids farewell to President Mugabe

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that imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe saying their actions do not augur well with diplomatic practice.
The Brazilian envoy leaves the country on Monday after a four-year tour of duty.
Speaking after bidding farewell to President Mugabe at State House yesterday, Ambassador de Taunay, said the illegal sanctions were detrimental to development in Zimbabwe.
“We in Brazil have our own position, we do not believe in sanctions.
“The objective is development, we believe in affirmative action and Zimbabwe needs affirmative action.
“Sanctions are not good for relations, the countries that are maintaining sanctions on Zimbabwe are not doing good diplomacy,” he said.
Ambassador de Taunay said his country had since voiced its condemnation of the illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe. Brazil like other emerging economies such as India and China among others have stood in support of Zimbabwe in the face of the onslaught by Western countries and has assisted Zimbabwe in various sectors especially agriculture.
He said it was important that Zimbabwe and Brazil strengthened their relations.
“Our discussions went on very well. We were able to share the points of view between the two countries.
“The President was very conscious about the need to amplify present experiences and further unify our two countries,” he said.
Ambassador de Taunay said Brazil shared similar experiences with African countries because of its own experiences and would always be a friend to Zimbabwe.
“Brazil will always be a friend of Zimbabwe and is supportive of the dialogue going on. We will not interfere and will support the Government that will come up from the process,” he said.
He said this in reference to the inter-party talks going on between parties in the inclusive Government ahead of elections later this year. Ambassador de Taunay said he also requested Zimbabwe’s support for its candidacy to head the Food and Agriculture Organisation, a United Nations agency headquartered in Rome, Italy.
“We also talked about Brazil’s candidacy to head FAO as its director general. Our candidate is Mr Graziano Da Silva,” he said.
The Brazilian ambassador said President Mugabe had responded favourably to their request. He said Mr Da Silva was qualified for the job and had initiated programmes that had improved food security for over 12 million households in Brazil.

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