Brace for school opening

Brace for school opening

0801-1-1-12510210_10205771415659766_438159912_OAs the school holidays are coming to an end it is crucial that pupils prepare to go back to school in time so that when school starts they will be able to handle the pressure that comes with waking up every morning to brace for a school day rather than the short lived norm of waking to a relaxed day.

Here are some tips to get back into the school mode and start this year off right! The first one would be to have the proper school supplies that you need for your classes. We suggest getting folders and binder with patterns and designs to make note taking more fun. During the first day of class most teachers will tell you everything they require for their courses. Make sure that you get the specified supplies so that you are able to keep up with the class work and stay organised.

To have an agenda is another useful tool that may help. During the school year is such a busy time! Between taking tests, doing home work, attending activities, and school events it can be really hard to keep track of everything. By keeping an updated agenda you can better manage your time and know what you have to accomplish. Having a agenda will definitely help you with time management.

Time management is key to being successful and staying on top of everything you need to do! You should also know your course syllabus. Knowing your class schedule is so important for being successful in the course your taking. Teachers will typical hand out your syllabus in class or post it online. Keep it in a safe and convenient place so you can frequently view. Knowing when you have papers and projects due is so important for passing the course and keeping up your grades. Having the syllabus will allow you to plan ahead and give yourself proper time to complete every assignment and get great grades!

Do not procrastinate at all. This is something that we have all been guilty of in the past and have learned the stressful repercussions. A habit is created in three weeks so if you study for every course your taking daily in 21 days that will be a new habit for you. Dedicating a little bit of time everyday to the courses you are taking is definitely going to positively impact your grades and make you a better student!

You should also know what is expected of You. It is very important to know what your teachers are expecting from you. Pay attention to what the teacher is saying about the workload of the class and what they are hoping for you to get out of it. Teacher are supposed to want you to succeed so most likely they will provide you with what you need to do to thrive. Knowing their expectations and achieving them will help your year start smoothly. Always remember that communicating with your teachers is key for understanding their expectations.

Get Involved. Getting involved with your school community is great because you can pursue your interest and meet peers who have the same and similar interest as you. Many studies have shown that students who are involved in sports and school activities are able to achieve higher GPA’s. If you enjoy playing sports try out for the school team. If you are a musician or actor then join your school band or theatre company and share your talent with your fellow peers. Join clubs that you are interested in and attend all the meetings. If your school doesn’t have the sports you play, a club you want to join, or a musical or theatre program then talk to your school administrators and see if you are able to start your own! It is amazing to have something that you are passionate about and enjoy doing so never be afraid to pursue your interests. You should also learn what type of learner you are.

Everyone is individual and so is the way you learn ! There are three main types of learning styles which are auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic. Knowing what type of leaner you are is going to help you be a better student and have better studying habits. When you are able to determine the type of learning style that is best for you, you will find better results when you are studying and it will result in higher test scores! Do some research and determine the type of learner you are so you can personalise your studying.

List your academic goals. Write out a list of goals that you want to achieve for the upcoming school year! Do you want to make the lead role in the play, get that varsity spot on the basket ball team, improve your grades, You can reach all the goals you set for this year. When you write down every goal you are able to plan and realise what you need to do to prepare for them.

Having that list can be a driving and motivating force to help you work to achieve those goals.

Every new school year is a opportunity for a fresh start, new friends, and to make it count. You have the potential to make this year one of the best ones yet. – The Blog/CLS.

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