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The Zimbabwe International Book Fair Association has released presentation topics for the 2014 Zimbabwe International Book Fair to be held from July 28 to August 2.
The fair which will run under the theme “Indigenous Languages, Literature, Art and Knowledge Systems of Africa” has seven categories which could be chosen for presentations. In a Press release, ZIBFA said they had picked the theme in a bid to resuscitate both the tangible and non tangible African heritage.

“We were guided by factors such as the overwhelming submissions on the subject of African languages, literatures, heritages and knowledge systems in the just ended ZIBF 2013 Indaba Conference Programme as well as the enlightening presentations in the ZIBF 2013 Indaba on patterns and benefits of the use of African medicines and the dangers of losing valuable health practices due to prejudice and official neglect and the timely movement to beneficiate African heritages through the tourism economy,” reads statement.

“The compelling indications from the ZIBF 2013 Writers Workshop regarding the urgency to recognise African languages, literatures and art forms as creative media and repositories of knowledge systems also played part in shaping this year’s theme”.

The first category is “Indigenous Languages Situation in Africa” which will incorporate topics such as: African Lingua Franca, Lessons From Swahili And Afrikaans, Indigenous Languages, Ethnic Identities And Values, Politics And African Languages, Writing And Publishing In Indigenous Languages, Translation In Literature Across Indigenous Languages, The Place Of African Languages In The Digital Era as well as Lexicography.

Next is “Language, Folk Art and the African World” where the following topics are to be tackled: Orature and African History, Folk Tales, Riddles And Proverbs As Indicators Of Social Values, Folk Games As Repositories Of Culture, The African World View Through Language, Literature And Art, Meanings Of African Dances and Folk Arts As Expressions Of Knowledge Systems.

The “Language of Indigenous Religions” category will cover topics such as Indigenous Religions As Cultural Expression, The Influence Of African Religious Values In The Pentecostal Movement, The Relationship Between African Cultures and Indigenous African Churches and The Place Of Language and Music In Religious Practices.

The category for “African Heritage” will be summed up by the following topics: Archives And Culture, The Value Of Heritage In The National Economy/Development, Zimbabwean Sculpture, The Relevance Of Indigenous Art In Africa, Challenges Of Modernisation Against Indigenous Languages and Cultures and Great Zimbabwe As An Expression Of Folk Art And Culture.

The category of “Intellectual Property and Copyright” will have topics such as Traditional Arts As Intellectual Property, Communal Arts And The Concept Of Intellectual Property, Rights Of Communities Over Stolen Artefacts And The Problem Of  Restoration.

The fair will also focus on traditional medical practices which will run under the category “Health Lessons From Indigenous Traditions” with the following topics to choose from: Modern Health Practices And African Medicines, African Trees And Herbs As Resources For Individual and Community Health.

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