Bogus CIOs in dock

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Bogus CIOs in dock

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macourt hamaFungai Lupande Court Reporter
Two suspected armed robbers who allegedly targeted motorists using Borrowdale Road by State House, have appeared in court. Maxwell Dovo (39) and Emmanuel Mayenga (40) allegedly masqueraded as members of the Central Intelligence Organisation and committed the offence while clad in police uniform. They appeared in court on Friday last week. Harare magistrate Mr Noel Mupeiwa will deliver judgment on the matter on Thursday.

Dovo and Mayenga are facing two counts of armed robbery. It is alleged that on February 20 this year around 11am, Kudakwashe Gamanya was being chauffeured in a Nissan Atlas truck (registration number ACK 7015) from Harare city centre towards Borrowdale.

On approaching Air Force Headquarters, Dovo and Mayenga who were driving a green Mazda Demio, hooted for the driver to park his vehicle after the nearby traffic light inter- section. Dovo and Mayenga accused Gamanya’s driver, Simbarashe Labana, of reckless driving at State House.

Dovo drew a black pistol from his jacket and pointed it at Gamanya and the driver before demanding 200. On February 12, Dovo and Mayenga allegedly stopped George Mbewe, who was driving a Leyland Daf (registration number ADC 0455) along Borrowdale Road. They asked him why he disregarded a red traffic light at the Seventh Street and Tongogara Avenue intersection.

The pair claimed to have been sent from State House to arrest him. One of the suspects drew a pistol and pointed it at Mbewe, before force-marching him to his vehicle. They ordered him to drive back to State House to show him a CCTV video of him passing through the red traffic light. They demanded $1 000.

After searching Mbewe they discovered he had only $180 which they took and disappeared. It is alleged that on March 3, Dovo was arrested and a formal identification parade was held at Harare Central Police Station where the complainants identified him. Dovo allgedly gave indications that led to the arrest of Mayenga, who was found in possession of police riot gear, two police grey shirts, brown stockings and brown shoes.

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