Blue Swallow lodges set for a major facelift Troutbeck Resort
All timeshare units located adjacent to the Troutbeck Resort are three bedroomed with one en-suite

All timeshare units located adjacent to the Troutbeck Resort are three bedroomed with one en-suite

Tinashe Makichi Property Reporter
Dawn Properties has embarked on a major refurbishment of its Blue Swallow lodges at Troutbeck Inn in Nyanga. The lodges were officially launched in 1990 by the then Governor for Manicaland Kenneth Manyonda. However over the past 27 years the lodges have had no major renovations.

Dawn Properties timeshare manager Cletos Muwi said the idea is to mordenise the lodges to meet client expectations.

“The lodges were officially opened in 1990 by Governor for Manicaland Kenneth Manyonda. So for the past 27 years no major renovations were done and now as Dawn Properties we are preparing ourselves into the 23rd century. This is the reason why we are trying to modernize everything. Time shares provides more space and convenience. The idea is to make sure we come up with lodges that meet all customer needs. We are looking at making them spacious and good for families, where you can cook and entertain yourselves. We want to improve standards and get new owners,” said Mr Muwi.

The overall refurbishment will cost about $40 000 per lodge and the renovations are expected to be complete next year. Mr Muwi said the lodges will be sold on weeks. Dawn Properties is also re-selling its timeshares in Blue Swallow lodges. The timeshares are on 15 to 20 year contracts at a cost of between $7 000 and $8 000 but can sell as high as $15 000 on peak periods such as the festive season.

All timeshare units, located adjacent to the Troutbeck Resort, are 2½ bedroomed with main en-suite. The lodges offer a ‘home-away-from-home’ environment, with fully equipped self-catering facilities. The lodge’s beds can accommodate up to six guests in three bedrooms, though an additional 2 can be accommodated in the lounges.

The self-contained Blue Swallow Lodges offer wonderful views of Troutbeck Lake, the nine hole Golf Course and the evergreen mountains decorated with the whistling pine. They are an ideal family retreat, and good for those individuals who want to combine fun, business, comfort and privacy.

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