Bleswyn Kays puts Kadoma musicians on the map Blessed Kubvoruno

Art Correspondent-Kundai Marunya

In a bid to out  up his hometown on the music map, renowned music videographer Blessed Kubvoruno, also known as Bleswyn Kays, has sponsored recording of 10 artistes from Kadoma that will feature on a compilation album with their more established counterparts from Harare. 

This came after Bleswyn Kays noticed that artistes from small towns rarely got recognition in the music industry unless they moved to major cities. 

To establish his own career, Bleswyn Kays, who was born and raised in Kadoma, had to move to Harare in 2016 where he is now ranked among the best, regularly working with established artistes such as Andy Muridzo, Tocky Vibes, Guspy Warrior, Killer T and Baba Harare. 

The man behind Mai Titi’s viral video “Mwari Makanaka” is set to launch his second self-titled riddim compilation “Bleswyn Kays Kadoma Riddim 2” which features 20 artistes, half of which coming from Kadoma. 

Some of the prominent names on the riddim include Terry Afrika, Tally B, Ngonie Kambarami, Queen Kadhija, Maggikal and Andy Muridzo. 

Bleswyn Kays said the success of the first compilation gave birth to the project. 

“We launched the first riddim compilation in December last year and the feedback was amazing,” he said. “The main goal is to put Kadoma artistes on the same project with established names so that they can get the much needed exposure, and I believe we have already started achieving that. 

“From the last compilation, some of our artistes, namely Churlish Boi and Gateh, have started getting attention and I believe if we keep at it, regularly releasing these projects, we will soon have our on stars from Kadoma hogging the limelight.” 

In Zimdancehall circles, the only other artistes to enjoy prominence coming from Kadoma are yesteryear one hit wonder Crissy B famed for the song “Tariro” and Kinnah who identifies more with Mbare to the extent of earning the moniker “Mr Mbare”. 

Bleswyn Kays said the compilation to drop on April 1 will be accompanied by visuals. 

“The riddim was made by Cymplex, while vocal recordings were done by Bleqboi The Dan and Leo Ultrasonic. Every song comes with a video so as to maximize on the exposure.” 

Bleswyn Kays said he had bought all copyrights to the songs hoping to return his investment from YouTube views.

“I paid for everything, including copyrights to the songs and visuals so that I can maybe get a return on investment which will be used for upcoming complications,” he said. “This is how most videographers are earning a living as most musicians do not pay for our work, but cede rights to the video which we post on our channels.

“We then have to work on marketing the videos, as the more views one gets is the more money.” 

Born in Kadoma, Bleswyn Kays did his primary education at Mupamombe before moving to Jameson High School for his secondary education. 

He came to Harare in 2016 looking for a battery for his camera, a journey that began the chronicles of his success. 

“During the trip, I met up with Stunner and Guspy Warrior at Tman’s Mount Zion Records and they inquired whether I was able to shoot their videos,” he said. “At that time not everyone had a good camera and only a few people did music videos. 

“The meeting kick started what became a flourishing career in Harare so that a year later I was already enjoying the limelight.”

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