Blacktoe TV sets sights on Sadc market

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Blacktoe TV sets sights  on Sadc market

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Blacktoe TV, a video on demand service that allows you to watch content on the go says this year it wants to tap into the Southern African Development Community market to broaden its viewership and market share.

The channel, which is up for National Arts Merit Awards scheduled for later this month at 7 Arts Theatre, has set its sight on Sadc market, creating jobs for people within the creative industry.

“We want to tap into the Sadc market where the population is 250 million people and then move into Africa. A market of one billion people.

“If we can get 100 000 people subscribing from across Africa, which is 0,001percent of the population, our yearly income of $6 million will help us achieve our set out goals of changing the African narrative. Until the lion learns how to write, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter,” said Nyasha Madzima, the executive producer.

He continued: “We aim to establish Blacktoe TV which will be a subscription based model. Our basic price will be $5 per month and you can watch great content.

“This will fund us exponentially to a level where we produce more shows and create jobs. If we get 10 000 subscribers to start with, our budget will be $50 000 a month. We can create amazing content and get these big names of Facebook.

“There are many creative and talented people in this industry who are sitting at home. They must follow their passion and not allow the industry to let them down.”

On Nama nomination, Madzima, said they were thrilled to be recognized for their efforts.

“Just being nominated is the highest accolade that we have achieved so far and we are delighted that our efforts have been recognised,” he said.

Blacktoe TV was launched in October 2003 and this year they celebrate five years of existence.

Previously they were finalists for the ZOL Techzim Startup Challenge for changing the way people view television in Zimbabwe.

The online channel focuses on arts, lifestyle, entertainment, sport and technology.

Their biggest challenge so far has been high costs of data since the channel is data driven.

According to Madzima, Blacktoe TV will soon be creating content for national broadcaster ZBCTV.

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