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Blacktoe Productions, a Zimbabwean media and events company, has launched its home-grown online television channel called BlacktoeTV, which focuses on the arts, entertainment and lifestyle. BlacktoeTV chief executive Nyasha Madzima said he was happy the station was proudly Zimbabwean because it was the only online television based in the country.

“This gives us an advantage over our competitors because we cover most stories happening in Zimbabwe and we are first with the news.
“Internet television is where viewers choose the content or the television show they want to watch from an archive of content or from a channel directory. With the ‘TV on Demand’ market growing, Blacktoe TV hopes to showcase the industry to an estimated five million Zimbabweans in the Diaspora who want know what’s going on back home,” Madzima said. He said Blacktoe TV aims at producing more live events that people would not have access to such as Miss Zimbabwe beauty contests, music awards, local fashion shows and concerts.

“As time goes by we intend to cover most of the creative industry. At least 63 percent of all Internet consumers in the world now watch online videos. We believe that the future of the Internet will be video.

“On Blacktoe TV we will showcase local videos by Zimbabwean artistes, local films that have captivated us, news, interviews with lifestyle personalities and may more. We, however, need to stress that Blacktoe TV will not be a platform to air political views.

“By doing a little browsing online Zimbabweans will realise the benefits of viewing your sensational television programmes online, and that comes with it own advantages.

“The Internet is starting to carve out a respectable slice of television’s future and we intend to capitalise on this. The Government has urged Zimbabweans to be entrepreneurial, resourceful and embark on things that bring light to the beautiful aspects of the country and we intend to do just that,” he said.

The youthful Madzima said currently there were no restrictions to online media and the internet was the right platform to showcase extraordinary talent that Zimbabwe has. “Blacktoe TV is here and can only grow forth, waiting in anticipation for digitalisation so we can reach all the corners of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Madzima was one of the finalists in the ZOL Start-up Challenge 2013. He was also chosen as one of the “10 Most Outstanding Young Persons of Zimbabwe” by the JCI along with Kudzayi Sadomba, Mike Joka of Corporate 24, Peg Makuchete of Visual Point and Delight Magora of Jericho Advertising .

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