The Herald, June 4, 1982

ALTHOUGH most white South Africans did not share the view, it seems to be accepted by most people that eventually South Africa will have a black government, according to an economic report entitled “South Africa: Business prospects re-assessed”, released in London yesterday.

The report was compiled by Samson Freez, South African representatives of the Economist Intelligence Unit in London. The report says: “Whites are not prepared to give up their own culture and traditions, and developments in some other African countries since independence have suggested to them that they would have to do so. The solution being attempted is to give political self-determination in separate geographical areas with economic cooperation and inter-dependence and with multi-racial sharing of decision taking over matters of common concern.” – Ziana-Sapa.


Africa is for Africans. In as much as foreign colonisers tried to keep a tight rein on Africa the tide has been turning and the continent is largely independent due to the drive to decolonise Africa.

South Africa has a been a democratic country for the past 30 years, when the apartheid regime fell. This led to a fundamental change in its political landscape and ushered in a new constitutional legal order.

Despite attempts by the whites to assume power South Africa has remained under black majority rule with the African National Congress being the dominant political party.

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