Biti talks about Katsimberis demolished showroom in his defence


Prosper Dembedza
Herald Correspondent

The assault trial of Tendai Biti resumed today with him complaining about a showroom built by George Katsimberis in Borrowdale which was demolished by the City of Harare after it discovered that its plan was not approved.

Biti once again complained about Zanu-PF, The Herald and Cde Nick Mangwana arguing that they have infringed his constitutional rights since the day he was arrested.

He went on to accuse Deputy Prosecutor General Mr Michael Reza of not being fair.

The politician who is submitting his defence also told the court about the directorship of WestProperties and their business joint venture agreements.

He also told the court that the complainant was a very powerful woman.

Biti is facing charges of assaulting businesswoman and investor Mrs Tatiana Aleshina at the Harare Magistrate Court in 2020.

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