Biti endorses MPOI survey Mr Biti
Mr Biti

Mr Biti

Bulawayo Bureau—
People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader Mr Tendai Biti has conceded that Zanu-PF is the most popular party in the country despite the emergence of many opposition parties.Addressing a handful of PDP supporters at a rally held at a lodge in Gweru on Sunday, Mr Biti said the results of a survey conducted by the Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI) and released to the media recently, which noted that President Mugabe was popular, were authentic.


The survey noted that 62 percent of Zimbabweans who are eligible to vote, trust President Mugabe. It added that the electorate thought that the President cared for his people, was hard-working, honest and fit to govern. Mr Biti said: “MDC-T has no capacity to defeat Zanu-PF in any election and the only solution is to rope in other political parties if the endeavour is to be possible.”

The PDP leader said Zanu-PF is tactically superior, hence it defeated MDC-T in the 2013 harmonised elections. “We formed our party (PDP) so that we will have the last dance at a wedding. We are the fourth biggest party according to a survey conducted in June that also revealed that Zanu-PF was at the top. These other political parties being formed don’t command a meaningful following. We want to join hands with other parties on the basis of value and principle,” he said.

Mr Biti took a swipe at MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai for snubbing the burial of former Youth Deputy Minister Thamsanqa Mahlangu who died two weeks ago, saying that was a sign of lack of respect.

“The MDC-T leader is selfish and people in his party no longer have confidence in him as their leader. Tsvangirai wants all leadership roles in the party to himself; he doesn’t want to give opportunities to other people to also lead, that is why I and other wise people left that party,” said Biti.

“We as the PDP have the courage to be different, we are a small party which will expand to more numbers and will always have equal power amongst us as the party leaders for progression and for a better Zimbabwe. We hope with these principles we will win the 2018 elections.”

His deputy, Samuel Sipepa Nkomo said the PDP party was going to form a coalition with small parties to map the way forward. “As PDP we are going to come in together with other small progressive parties to make a better Zimbabwe without corrupt leaders, with free and fair elections, full of development,” said Nkomo.

“I am also happy we are expanding to become a big party considering that in Gweru we have already amassed 500 members.”

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