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Bindura musician calls for equal online shows opportunities

05 Aug, 2020 - 00:08 0 Views
Bindura musician calls for equal online shows opportunities Tafadzwa “Lasper” Ncube

The Herald

Senior Arts Reporter

Unheralded gospel musician Tafadzwa “Lasper” Ncube, known also as Prince of Praise and Worship, has called for equal opportunities during online platform shows hosted by different promoters on social media.

Ncube made the request during his online interview for the release of his new musical video, “Mapopoma”, which is doing well on social media.

The video, which was shot by Slimmaz production and the song recorded by producer Lyton Ngolomi, features Bindura businessman Kudzanai Kangara’s children Mitchell, Tinotenda and Darlington.

The 24-year-old musician said for local talent to grow, there was need for a platform to showcase it.

“We understand that for now that is the norm for the artistes to perform online rather being stuck at home,” he said. “There are various platforms and online television shows that have been helping, and giving prominent artistes a chance to shine during the lockdown.

“However, we also need to be given such platform so that we market ourselves. Right now we are busy creating content and music, but the challenge is where to put them. My video is a success and I am happy how my community (Bindura) has accepted, appreciated and supported it. I owe it to Kangara’s family for fully supporting my vision and dream.”

Ncube said the video was inspired by societal settings.

“The “Mapopoma” video has since been uploaded on YouTube and it feels great that I have something online which can heal and soothe troubled souls during the lockdown. It was influenced by what I see every day and I want to break the record, as a young man singing songs with meaning and solutions of society problems.”

Kangara, who also manages Ncube, said he was pleased by the artiste’s work ethic.

“Ncube is a hard-working artiste. He is a role model to my children who featured on the video. Our goal is to put him on map and we are making sure all the resources will be at his exposure,” said Kangara.

The video was shot in both Bindura and Harare.

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