Biggie Tembo’s son in court for theft

Biggie Tembo’s son in court for theft

Prosper Dembedza Court Correspondent
The late musician Biggie Tembo’s son, named after his father, yesterday appeared in court for selling speakers worth $600 to recover his money after a debtor failed to settle his dues.

Tembo (27) was charged with theft of trust property when he appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Nomsa Sabarauta.

Tembo denied the allegations, saying he was instructed to sell the speakers by the owner Ray Lunga to recover his money.

Prosecutor Richard Makondo alleged that on August 7 last year, Lunga drove to Rugare Council Bar where Tembo works to collect his speakers that had been hired by the musician.

It is alleged that Lunga left his two speakers with Tembo for safekeeping since there was no space in his car.

The court heard that Tembo and Lunga went together for a series of shows where the musician was working for him as an engineer on a contractual basis.

It is alleged that after the shows, Lunga failed to pay Tembo fully as they had agreed.

It is the State’s case that when Lunga came demanding his speakers, Tembo refused to give him because of the debt.

The court heard that Lunga reported the matter to the police leading to Tembo’s arrest. Investigations were carried out and Tembo claimed to have sold the speakers to Charles Dzoro who resides in Southlea Park.

Police officers, it is alleged, arrested Dzoro who had also sold the speakers to an unknown person.

The value of the speakers is $600 and nothing was recovered.

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