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Big spenders to party at Inakis

09 Feb, 2018 - 00:02 0 Views
Big spenders to party at Inakis Stunner

The Herald

Arts Correspondent
It is likely to be a show-off party at Inakis Meat Lounge tomorrow when DTL Entertainment presents an event dubbed “Millionaires’ Night Out” that is targeted at patrons with fat pockets.

Inakis Meat Lounge is fast becoming one of the popular upmarket hangouts and event organisers say they want merrymakers to come and exhibit their spending power at tomorrow’s event. The occasion will be graced by musician Stunner, who is well-known for his swag and love for expensive hangouts.

The big spenders are likely to also have a subtle competition of outfits and wheels, but the main aim of the night would be having a classic night out. A spokesperson of the event said they have prepared an expensive set-up to complement the theme of the night.

“The theme is about bringing together the ‘big guns’ of the city. We always have the who-is-who of the capital coming here and we are saying on Saturday (tomorrow), they should come in their numbers and exhibit their styles,” said the spokesperson.

“Those that want to come and hangout with the big guys in town should also take this opportunity to be at Inakis is a place of class and we want everything to be done as such. We want to set the pace and make sure that all the merrymakers that want nights of class make Inakis their home.”

Stunner said he will exhibit his style as usual and will give the big spenders good entertainment.

“My brand is about cash and style. My duty on the night would be giving good entertainment and sending the upmarket patrons to the dance floor. I have graced many occasions that bring together the top guys in the city and I know what they want. I will deliver the best,” said Stunner.

To ensure that the big spenders have a night of non-stop music, wheel spinners DJ Iroq, DJ Sachie, MC Spansplash and Thandoe will also be part of the event.

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