‘Big Brother’ urged to get better

‘Big Brother’ urged to get better

The question is what other trick Biggie can bring this year beside formalising sex while everyone is watching. What a weekend, and the rains seem to have subsided. Well, we will leave the weather issue to those in the Meteorological Department to take care of that. My worry is focused on television and film. Last week we had an issue of dramas, how they are important in our lifestyle and that they should be brought back on television.

I had a strange call which I suspect was from a film-maker or producer pointing out that we have sent a lot of content to ZBCTV but nothing has materialised. Mr Producer or whoever you are, stop the blame game and start, or continue working.

For ZBCTV it is up to them to air or beam whatever they feel is necessary but they should consider we are paying for licenses so we should get value for money. Let us keep our fingers crossed, maybe something better is coming.

A lot of events have been happening lately, and we always wondered how our national television had been covering the events. We have pleaded but nothing has happened as yet. Do we really know the relevance of live coverage in our society apart from current affairs?

I am not teaching them how to run their garage but what we should consider is, we are no longer in the 2000 era and many are abreast with technology.

This came to mind after we got news that the National Arts Merit Awards were around the corner and it would be wise to start planning for it. Someone would need to decide whether they would be live streaming and broadcast, among others.

Just like how we idolised the Western art lifestyle, a good student learns from the best.

Why not start doing what we have been dying for?

Be guided that live coverage should not only be centred on political aspects but should also focus on a number of issues and areas of concern.

Like my lecturer once said, if an event is worth sending a journalist to cover in person, it’s worth covering live.

What is interesting to note is that the best way to cover events live is usually to set up a live blog event on your website, auto feed the journalist’s tweets and live tweet the event.

NAMA deserve the red carpet moments, the WOW factor and the live stage coverage so that when journalists write about it, we all agree as most of us would have watched it.

It also gives room for advertisers and sponsors too, considering it would be beamed live.

Don’t forget we are likely to have many stations this year and the competition is high.

One golden tip from a television critic is that you need to do something unique if you want to survive in the industry.

My hope this year is that NAMA have changed and developed for the better.

The SAG awards were hosted last weekend and beamed live on E-Hollywood Channel.

Back to other business, this week’s review on DSTV, we focus on reality shows.

Before we jump into foreign garden, where are our reality shows? Are we so afraid to expose lifestyles or we are not that creative?

Nigeria is known best for its African movies — their use of jujus and prostitution in the movies portraying lifestyle, giving solutions to society, while South Africans are known for their thuggish Sowetan mentality life.

Soaps and dramas obviously came from South Africa, so what is Zimbabwe known for?

We want to see the creative minds of producers.

I rest my case on that.

Last year Africa’s most wanted reality show, “Big Brother Africa” was absent and word said it was coming big and better this year.

Question is what other tricky Biggie can bring this year unless formalising sex while everyone is watching.

Guess nothing new under this planet earth can be brought up.

“The Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is now boring, considering that the socialite Kim who is married to US rapper Kanye West is stealing the limelight ahead of other characters in the reality show.

From Scott Disick last Sunday — this week’s show was an eventful one.

The episode opened with the family preparing for two upcoming birthdays: Kim Kardashian West.

For Kris’ 60th birthday, which was in November, the daughters decided they were going to throw a huge bash to celebrate — and that they were going to recreate the momager’s infamous “I love my friends” video, which she originally did for her 30th birthday.

Hope you understand why I say it is boring because, it is not moving with times.

So far most watched reality shows are “Amazing Race”, “American Top Model”, “X-Factor” although some will be outdated.

It is true that a television reality show is not to be confused with a documentary in which subjects are asked to ignore the camera. So with that in mind we can have ours.

Food for thought.

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