Biden widens lead over Trump

07 Nov, 2020 - 00:11 0 Views
Biden widens lead over Trump Joe Biden

The Herald

Democratic candidate Joe Biden appears close to winning the presidency after taking the lead in Pennsylvania with 98 percent of votes counted

If he wins Pennsylvania, he wins the White House.

The Democrat has also taken a narrow lead in Georgia with 99 percent of votes counted, but officials there announce there will be a recount.

Biden also has a slender lead in Nevada and Arizona — these states could provide more paths to the White House.

President Donald Trump again asserts he has won the election, though votes are still being counted.

He complains of “tremendous corruption and fraud in the mail-in ballots”, without giving evidence.

Joe Biden says people should remain calm as votes are counted, adding he has “no doubt” he will emerge the winner.

President Donald Trump’s two sons have rebuked Republicans for failing to back the president as he struggles to win re-election.

Mr Trump’s eldest son Don Jr accused the party of being “weak”.

His brother Eric warned: “Our voters will never forget you if your (sic) sheep!”

The spat reflects an emerging rift between Trump disciples and the party.

Overall turnout is projected to be the highest in 120 years at 66.9 percent. — Wires.

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