Bhundu Boys eye comeback

02 Apr, 2013 - 22:04 0 Views
Bhundu Boys eye comeback

The Herald

“Preparations for the album are now at an advanced stage and it sounds as good as the old Bhundu Boys. My music has different elements and I am picking up bits and pieces to put my own style,” said Biggie Jnr.

Biggie Tembo Jnr has vowed to fill the gap that his father left with a fresh sound recorded at Diamond Studio. The youthful singer has also appealed to well- wishers for assistance saying he was passionate about his music.

Band leader Kurauone Mbofana said he would do everything possible to assist Biggie Jnr as an honour to his late father.
“I have been working with the young man on how to make good music and we have been working hard to ensure that we do everything right,” said Mbofana.
The group has so far staged shows in and outside Harare. Despite low turnout, the group has vowed to soldier on.

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