Bezbets counter report failed

Herald Correspondent

A counter report that Bezbets made against a punter whom they allegedly defrauded of his US$5 200 after he won a bet last week hit a snag after the State declined to prosecute the case.

The betting company had made a counter-report of fraud against the punter who placed a bet and won US$5 200 and they refused to pay.

In the counter-report, Bezbets claimed that the punter had placed a wrong bet therefore it was an act of fraud.

However, during vetting the case was declined prosecution.

Bezbets was last month arraigned in court for allegedly defrauding a client of US$5 200 that he had won after playing a game.

In that matter, the company is being represented by its Manager Robson Chinamasa.

Chinamasa pleaded not guilty to fraud charges and trial is expected to commence on December 8 before Harare Magistrate Mr Simon Kandiyero.

Prosecuting, Ms Faith Mavhudzi alleged that on October 26 and at the BEZBETS online platform, the complainant alleges that he placed a bet on the roulette with a stake of US$394.

The platform gave him a potential winning of US$5 400, provided the bet won.

The complainant won the bet and he proceeded to the shop to withdraw his winning bet with a sum of US$5 400.

However, the court heard that Chinamasa refused to make a payout of US$5 400 and instead offered US$1 800.

Realising that he had been duped, the complainant filed a report with the police.

The punter won a bet of $5400 but when Bezbets deleted the account it had $5200 after he lost $200 while playing another bet.

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