Bev under fire over Billiat claims

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DANCER Beverly Sibanda has come under fire for boasting about her adulterous affair with South African-based Warriors and Mamelodi Sundowns midfielder Khama Billiat. In an interview with Star FM’s Phathisani Sibanda, Beverly, or simply Bev, made the startling revelations that she was seeing Billiat and that his wife knew about the affair.

“Hatidi kurova imbwa takaviga mupinyi ari panyanga ndi Khama Billiat (We do not want beat about the bush, Khama Billiat is the man I’m dating). I can’t hide it anymore because                 . . . if I do, men will keep following me saying I’m a freelancer haa kana!”.

The Sexy Angles leader also confirmed that she has had Billiat’s picture on her WhatsApp profile for a long time.
Her manager, Harpers Mapimhidze, also confirmed the affair saying he was happy that Bev finally opened up on her affair with Billiat.
“I’m happy that Bev has finally told the nation the she is in a relationship with Khama. so it’s official for now. Khama is in charge,” he said.

However, Billiat has denied being involved with Bev and accused her of being a stalker.
“She has made such claims before and I told her to stop it. I am not in love with her. I am happily married and I cannot disrespect my wife,” Billiat said.

The pole-dancer-turned-singer yesterday torched a hornet’s nest for being a home-wrecker since Billiat denied the allegations.
The majority of her fans took to Facebook and condemned her reckless utterances.

“Here we go again, Bev please leave Billiat alone. He ain’t your man,” said Sarudzai Mharapara.
Another irate fan posted: “Bev ibhasikoro repa camba ada atasva (Bev is a free-for-all),” she said.

“What is Bev’s claim to fame if I may ask? The bottle dance and now can she tell us where and how she met Billiat?” asked one reader.
“Honestly, how can someone in their right senses openly claim to date a married man. For long Bev has been doing crazy stuff and people never questioned her morality. Is she trying to tell us that she is one of those ‘small houses’ that we hear people talking about,” a reader only identified as Sekuru said.

Bev has been rumoured to be in love with a number of football players, but she vehemently denied the allegations.
About four months ago she denied being in love with Billiat after H-Metro quizzed her about the footballer’s image she had used as her WhatsApp profile picture.

The picture was accompanied by a status with love lyrics from Alick Macheso’s song “Sarah”.
The 22-year-old Bev is a single mother to a four-year-old son while Billiat (23) is married to Esnath Munyedawo and they have a three-year-old daughter.

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