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Bellew forewarns Chisora

17 Oct, 2020 - 00:10 0 Views
Bellew forewarns Chisora Derek Chisora

The Herald

LONDON. – Tony Bellew has warned that Zimbabwe-born British heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora is “going to have to do it all by himself” inside the ring against Oleksandr Usyk.

Chisora and Bellew’s former opponent Usyk collide in a heavyweight fight with major ramifications on October 31.

Bellew will help Chisora’s preparations and told Sky Sports: “He’s my friend, he’s like a member of my family.

“I’m backing him, I’m there for him whatever he needs, whatever he wants, I will be there.

“But believe you me, there is nothing I can do for him on October 31. He’s going to have to do it all himself.

“Believe you me, he has it all to do.

“(Usyk) is the most avoided fighter probably in the world. An amazing fighter.

“If anyone can do it, when their back is against the wall and they are written off by everyone, then Chisora can.

“I’m hoping his big right hand lands, and he gets the job done.

“But this is a hard one. It will be very tough.”

Bellew brought his career to a close after losing an undisputed cruiserweight title fight to Usyk in 2018.

Ukraine’s Olympic gold medallist, the winner of the World Boxing Super Series and former holder of every major cruiserweight belt is stepping into just his second heavyweight fight.

Bellew previously told Sky Sports about Usyk’s weaknesses: “I still think he’s a little bit open and can be caught.

“Watching his amateur fights, there was always a reaction from him when he got caught clean, but no one has exploited that so far in the pros.

“His chin is up in the air sometimes and if that continues then it might get caught one time.”

But Bellew added: “Pinning him down was hard because his footwork is just on another level.

“I’d planned to get close and really work him over, but any time I tried to make a fight out of it, he was just too elusive.

“His feet will get him very far in this sport, and the way he feints and sets up attacks is also impressive.” -Sky Sports

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