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Belgian coach Eymael unhappy

25 Feb, 2020 - 01:02 0 Views
Belgian coach Eymael unhappy Luc Eymael

The Herald

JOHANNESBURG. — Belgian coach Luc Eymael is not happy with the lack of professionalism in the Tanzanian league and is considering leaving Young Africans at the end of the campaign.

The 60-year-old penned an 18-month contract with Yanga in January shortly after parting ways with South African Premiership side Black Leopards.

His contract allows him to terminate after six months.

Eymael has done well since his arrival at the club and has moved the team from position seven to the top three.

“Look at that, look at the pitch where we played Tuesday and the change-rooms. I refused my players to go in,” says Eymael showing pictures to that unfortunately cannot be displayed.

“Then I must put my players in the bus and outside on plastic chairs.”

Eymael says he isn’t sure if he will still be in Tanzania next season.

“I really don’t know . . . but . . . the situation is very special. I never faced so many different challenges at the same time. I have to discuss with my wife about it.

“And I have 10 years experience in your continent . . . but as here . . . I never faced such a situation. But I have to do it, no other choice.”

Eymael is also not pleased with the way fixtures are arranged in the Tanzanian league either after his charges played Mtiba Sugar on 2 February and three days later on 5 February they faced Lipuli FC.

“Look, our fixtures since 2nd of February. It’s Boxing Day times six. Madness,” Eymael says. “Our pitch is top, but schedule is really . . . ” — Kick-Off


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