Beke empowering the girl  child through Web Development Panashe Dylan Beke

Reginald Chirenje Youth Interactive Writer

While there has been significant progress in improving girl’s access to many things in the society over the last two decades, many girls particularly in the marginalised communities continue to be deprived of educational rights due to safety related issues, financial challenges and cultural barriers.

Smart and creative use of technology is one route to overcome gender barriers towards girl’s learning and achievement. Youth Interaction caught up with Panashe Dylan Beke, a young man aged 22 who resides in Harare.

Beke advocates for the power and voices of the girl child by offering training of life skills relevant in the digital era through his organization called LA INITIATIVE, a social impact entity. “Despite the progress, women and girls continue to face multiple barriers based on gender and its intersections with other factors such as age, ethnicity, poverty and disability in the equal enjoyment of equality”, Panashe said.

Speaking in an interview he said, the passion for women and youth empowerment emanated from witnessing the disparities in accessing educational and professional developmental opportunities in his community made himself to form such an organization in 2019.

Through his organization Beke offers free training in web development, financial literacy and business development.

The Telecommunication Engineering student has helped quite a number of young girls in Zimbabwe.

“I believe it is essential to support young girls so that they can reach their highest potential and make their own decisions regarding the future because gender inequality start at a young age”, he added.

He further added that, innovation is an important strategy in addressing the nature and scale of barries that the girl child face.

Panashe have worked with quite a number of different organizations which are social impact entity aiming on encouraging wowen to rise above the competition, smoothly deal with problems and making them better versions of themselves.

These organizations include THE TANYARADZWA INITIATIVE, Human Rights Association Movements, ECOMJET in India among others.

Beke was one of the semi finalists on the African Union – UNICEF YOUTH INNOVATION CHALLENGE 2022 which was centered on the impact of harmful practices on mental health.

Last week he was given an appreciation certificate at  Ignite Youth Awards after he came forth under Active Girl child Empowerment Organization category. The awards were held at Celebration Centre in Borrowdale, Harare.

“We need to promote the voice of the girl child in shaping the education. This can be achieved through provision of information, promotion of inclusion on the girl child to participate in awareness raising programs at local, national and regional levels. 

This would level to the building up of the girl child who will be able to contribute positively to future economic growth of that nation”, Panashe added.

The international community recognized the equal rights for everyone and is committed to achieve gender equality in all fields including elevating through acceptance of international human rights law.

Therefore states have the obligation to remove all discriminatory barriers.


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