Beitbridge councillors suspend meetings in protest

05 Oct, 2022 - 00:10 0 Views
Beitbridge councillors suspend meetings in protest Beitbridge Municipality councillors have resolved to suspend full council meetings in protest.

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Thupeyo Muleya-Beitbridge Bureau 

Beitbridge Municipality councillors have resolved to suspend full council meetings in protest over little or no implementation of major projects by the local authority’s management. 

The policy makers are arguing that there was no point in discussing new projects when a lot of them were still outstanding since 2018. 

Among the major projects cited are the construction of a new Dulilvhadzimu bus terminus, upgrading of water and sewer facilities in Tshidixwa suburb, the procurement of earth moving equipment and the installation of solar public lights in the town centre. 

To register their disappointment, the councillors forced the adjournment of a full council meeting on Monday. 

Speaking during the meeting, Ward 4 councillor Morgan Ncube said it was pointless for the policy makers to continue gathering to get excuses from the council management. 

“It is sad that we are taken for a ride. We have been sitting here and making resolutions since 2018 and nothing has moved, especially the construction of a new bus terminus and the procurement of a grader and a giga jetting machine to address service delivery challenges,” said Cllr Ncube. 

“As the councillors, we are expected to push for development and as it stands we have people within the rank and file of this council who are not willing to work. 

“So, lets start by delivering on the resolutions we made a few years back before we can begin on new business or new resolutions.” 

Works Committee chairperson, Cllr Taka Mahachi, who is also Ward 3 representative said non-implementation of council resolutions was a cause for concern. He said the policy makers were gravely concerned with approach taken by management in meeting its obligations to the rate payers. 

Cllr Mahachi said they had become tired of giving excuses to residents for slow progress on most projects. 

“We represent the residents and other rate payers, and we have been giving them excuses about lack of or slower progress and this must stop now,” he said. 

“It is our view that we cannot keep introducing new projects when those from 2018 have not been fully implemented. My appeal to the council management is that let’s do away with those who don’t have a same vision with us to develop this town and hire those who want to ride along”. 

Chairperson of the Finance and Staffing Committee, Cllr Granger Nyoni, said although there have been budget provisions for most capital projects every year nothing has moved. 

He said it was very critical that the management reconsider their work ethic and deliver on people centred service delivery. The delivery of a grader and a giga jetting machine had become an eternal dream. 

“If we are to move forward we need to work on priority projects first and that time to act is now. We have been coming here only to get excuses from management. Let us all work together and deliver on our mandate,” he said. 

Town Clerk Mr Loud Ramakgapola said the construction of the bus terminus will start in due course following their recent engagements with the contractor. 

He said the contractor was already on the ground carrying out pre-commencement works and they were hopeful that full scale civil works will start soon. 

“We have made it clear to the contractor that this rank project is equally an important and hence work must begin without any further delay. On issues relating to the grader and giga jetting machine, we are having challenges with the suppliers and we are engaging so that the equipment is delivered as soon as possible,“ he said. 

Mr Ramakgapola said a team will be deployed on the ground to urgently work on water and sanitation issues in Ward 3, the Tshidixwa area. 

He said the fixing of public lighting had been affected by the fact that a few companies which had expressed interests had come up with unrealistic budgets. 

One of the bidders, he said he demanded US$40 000 to fix solar public lights in the town centre. 

“We could not engage one of the contractors who wanted around US$1000 to install a single solar light. Once we have companies or a supplier with realistic prices we will attend to issues of public lighting,” said Mr Ramakgapola

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