Beitbridge council in transformation drive

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Beitbridge council in transformation drive

The Herald

Thupeyo Muleya Beitbridge Bureau
Beitbridge Municipality is has identified housing and infrastructure development as key enablers in transforming the town into a city, an official has said.
Town clerk, Mr Loud Ramakgapola, said council engaged some property developers allocated land.

Beitbridge has four property developers partnering the local authority to service at least 3000 housing stands, most on the western side of the town.
“So far the Environmental Management Agency has requested that the developers comply with their environment impact assessment certificates which among other things requires that people can start developing when sewer reticulation is in place.

“On our side, we have advised all the developers to up their game and to concentrate on the sewer mainlines to speed up property development, which is also a major boost in terms of our transformation drive,” said Mr Ramakgapola.

Council is also engaging investors and businesses over the non-use of prime land allocated over a decade ago.
It is understood that the current state of affairs is slowing down envisaged infrastructure development and the town’s transformation.

The town has been growing tremendously in the last decade in terms of housing and other amenities, which is being implemented under the Government’s Beitbridge Redevelopment Program.
“We have investors and companies who were given stands more than 10 years ago and are not submitting their intention to develop.

“As a result, our town centre is not growing. We are now a municipality and our infrastructure should show that,” said the town clerk.
He said the town has vast investment opportunities in commercial development, residential flats, and Limpopo River development.
Mr Ramakgapola said investors should take advantage of these opportunities and that the Limpopo River was a differentiator from towns that do not have such a massive river.

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