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Beer-guzzler convicted of robbery

03 Dec, 2018 - 00:12 0 Views
Beer-guzzler convicted of robbery

The Herald

Midlands Correspondent
A 28-year old man was recently arraigned before the Kwekwe magistrates’ court facing robbery and assault charges after assaulting a bartender who refused to give him beer after he tendered an inadequate ammount of money.

The man, Don Mlambo, appeared before Mr Tayengwa Sangster after he beat up Beulah Sandate, a bartender, before forcibly taking $20 from her.

Mr Sangster convicted Mlambo of assault and fined him $200 failing which he will spend three months behind bars. Representing the State, Mr Freddy Ndoro said on November 22 around 1am, Sandate was at Telavivo Night Club where she works as a bartender.

Mlambo, who was drinking in the bar, approached Sandate and attempted to buy beer with money which was 50 cents short.

Sandate refused and a misunderstanding ensued between the two, with Mlambo insisting that he should get his beer regardless. Mlambo jumped over the counter and kicked Sandate several times in the face.

After the assault, Mlambo went on to forcibly take $20 from Sandate’s cash takings, and disappeared into the night.

Sandate subsequently made a report to the police, leading to Mlambo’s arrest.

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