Becky K: Zim’s finest showbiz keyholder Becky K

Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Acting Entertainment Editor

South Africa has Bonang Matheba, the US has Oprah Winfrey, opps it’s a case of B’s, then they have Beyonce Knowles.

Then Zimbabwe has Becky K.

Well, trendsetting defines her.

Versatility has become her middle name while touching people’s hearts cements her romance with masses.

Exuding confidence as ever, she hardly disappoints wherever she gets the platform to run a show.

An ‘ordained’ confidence coach, phenomenal director of ceremonies and listeners’ favourite on air, what more can you ask from her.

Blessed with that wondrous voice angelic to the ear, killer curves and of course the looks, she has what it takes to brighten each and every event she presides over.

The Herald on Saturday Lifestyle this week caught up with the most sought after master of ceremonies Rebecca Muchenje “Becky K”, who seems to have bagged 2022 already.

Think of the most gospel concert held recently, if it is not her, then who?

Becky K

Having used the radio as her launch pad, her journey to the elite league of stars would mean nothing without probing that question.

Many of her followers might be wondering how her journey on radio started and below is what you have been long to hear:

“Wow that is quite a story, my intention was not to be on radio; I was actually aiming for TV and it makes me ever so happy when I have a camera in front of me,” she said. 

“My debut on radio was at ZiFM in December 2016 over the holidays and I did a weekend breakfast with Captain Awesome (I am trying to remember who was on the show at that time) but they were on holiday.

“So Captain Awesome and myself did the holiday Breakfast Show with a lot of mishaps on my end because I did not realise at that point that there were certain words or phrases or things that you could not say on the radio that you say normally in every-day life.”

Her followers on her social media pages love her and each time she goes live, it is about numbers. 

Remember she was also the hostess at the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe held in 2016 at the Harare Conference Centre which turned heads and had regional countries green with envy.

Yes, it was Becky K.

“How I got to be on radio was after I hosted Miss Tourism 2016. I got a call from MisRed who later became a friend in the industry and she asked me if I was interested in an opportunity to be on radio. 

“Receiving that phone call really shocked me, it made me feel like I am worth something and that’s how I got to be on radio and obviously there was in-house training,” she explained.

“I had to know the systems, I had to know what was to be done or how radio was to be done. Although management was not directly involved, they contributed in crafting their personalities.”

Like any other multimedia practitioner, Becky K has role models who continue to inspire her vibe.

“It would definitely have to be my mother. 

“My mother has contributed immensely to who Becky K is, obviously there are other people I look up to in the industry, they are just an addition but Roseline Maureen Mpofu (Charumbira) that’ the one. May her soul Rest In Peace.

“My mom was the ultimate MC. I would watch her host functions at church and she would do it ever so gracefully.

“I would see myself in her before I saw people like Bonang Matheba, Minnie Dhlamini and then those YoTv presenters, I had seen my mom first. I had seen my mom do it and I wanted to do It.

“When I then got into the industry , we would sit down and discuss every function with her, and she had a story or a punchline or a joke

“If she had something that I could contribute or something I could say to make the hosting a little bit more fluent and oh my gosh, I miss her I miss her.

“Any way, I still hear her voice when I get stuck like. I ask myself; ‘What would mom do”’.

“My other role models are Ruvheneko, Bonang, Oprah,  Khutso Theledi and Pastor Pushie.”

When it comes to inspiration as a hostess, Becky K was blunt:

“My mother again (smiles) I started in church actually in South Africa in 2009 at Christ Ambassadors Church. I then broke out 7 years later,” says Becky whose claim to fame has to be her emceeing skills.

With most emcees lacking originality, Becky K reckons she has made herself distinct from others.

“Not to repeat a cliché, but it has to be the God factor and some form of charisma that God blessed me with.

“I also put in the work to make sure that I don’t relax. Every hosting job still gives me butterflies and fish and all sorts. I am humble and I pray I remain like that.”

Having hosted several events with other personalities, which comes with priceless moments, Becky K should have one.

“Aaargh, this is hard, it will have to be Maimba.

“Maimba holds your hand through it all without really holding your hand. Hhe is focused, fun and facilitates a good flow.

“It’s more of a let’s work together. Every time I hear that I’m working with him I get excited.”

In this job as an emcee you also encounter mishaps and Becky K vividly remembers hers.

“It was at my first big hosting job that we had a ‘Steve Harvey moment’.

“He announced the wrong winner and in the middle of the frenzy and excitement, I had to personally approach the girls and fix the error. It was so embarrassing.

“I, however, learnt from that to always double check things like names, allocations, instructions and so forth.”

Like any other career, life can never be flawless. She concedes facing challenges as well as hurdles.

“Yes, I would like to see anyone in any industry without flaws.

“People second guess your abilities because you are a lady.

“Unlike other countries, Zimbabwe is big on hiring male MCs, however it’s changing now and that’s why I’m grateful for the organisations that see us and trust to deliver.”

Having fulfilled her dream of crossing over to TV, she must be happy.

She must be relieved as well, grateful but what drives her.

“I’m driven by a camera lense (laughs).

“The moment I see a camera in front of me, I know it is showtime I am about to give myself and people are about to see certain things about me when I am on TV. My character, my personality, my expressions I just love TV.

“I am currently working on as a BBC correspondent for In Business Africa, Game Changers show together with other presenters. I have also done KUTSIME a talk show, Punch Up a game show on ZBC TV, The naked truth show host on The Denny J Show and my very own production Four 25.”

And the biggest question is how does she balance motherhood and work.

“I really wish I had magic and to make everything just fall into place but that is not the case with my life.

“I however, get a lot of help. I’ve discovered that having systems in place really helps you. I mean I couldn’t get through this interview on time.

“I have grown to see that will help everything possible so yeah good support system.”

On why she changed her name to Becky K, this is the answer you have been waiting for.

“I got married and I wanted to include God’s gift to me (my husband) who also manages me, he is the K in Becky K.” 

To ensure that she keeps in shape, Becky K says it’s not a bed of roses.

“I want to thank my parents for good genes and then thank the gym.

“These two together have made a huge difference in how I keep in shape.

“I’m not the right type of person if I don’t exercise it’s another story.”

Besides radio and television, Becky K says is also multi-tasking.

“I am a confidence coach; I teach people how to be confident in their areas of influence. 

“I own a consultancy company called Hablar Consultancy. Our main focus at the moment being confidence coaching, team building, assisted photo shoots, event planning and coordinating. For down time I love being at home doing DIY projects.”

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