Be your own RED show

Be your own RED show

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and hope the ladies have finished their gifts shopping, if not you still have some hours left to treat your man.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and of relationships, and — sometimes — it’s just a day and night to kick back and party with your closest girlfriends and boyfriends.

Either way, love should be reciprocal and done 24 /7 not to wait for a day set aside by someone to celebrate it, but our concern is on fashion.

Yes, many think of the romantic lingerie as the best Valentine fashion and accessory especially if it comes in the themed colour.

Being the date night of the year, it’s important to feel your sexiest, but that doesn’t mean stepping out in little more than your underwear.

In a day and age where the likes of the naked dress have gained (shockingly) rapid popularity among celebrities, it’s not exactly a trend you have to try to emulate.

While the most important rule is to slip into something that makes you comfortable, there are a few more specific looks to avoid.

For whatever date-night festivities you have planned, what you wear on Valentine’s Day should make you feel lovely and lovable.

So, what to wear?

Be feminine.

A little cleavage couldn’t hurt with emphasis on a little. Please note that Kim Kardashian has a make-up artist dedicated to her bust so she can afford to show a lot. And she has also probably had some little behind the scenes attention although she claims it is all natural. But the effect is not quite the same when you show too much of your natural cleavage made up of a tired bust.

Try a bustier, even if it’s new for you. A little lift here, a little nip there, and you automatically feel sexier. Not only do bustiers enhance your assets, they urge you to stand up straight, just like Mom told you to do.

Too-tight dresses

As hot as you think you look standing up, have you ever tried to sit down in one of these? Cross your legs? Make this night about you — avoid dresses that force you to think more about how uncomfortable you are than the person sitting across the table from you at dinner. If you must constantly pull it down or walk sideways like a crab, then it is definitely not the dress for you. But if like Amber Rose you are not embarrassed of walking out practically naked, then make sure you own the look and rock it fully.

Head-to-toe red

We know, red is the colour of the day.

Please don’t try a flirty cherry-colour mini, a ruby-toned lace top, even fire-engine-hued flats by wearing them all together. It simply looks messy rather than classy. You can always accessorise with other colours with white, black, silver and gold being the tradition. You could try other combinations but just make sure that you are not colour blocking, please.

Under the wear, men

Underwear must not be your downfall and with the excess of retail offerings out there, you can’t go wrong finding a pair that’s sophisticated and ticks all the comfort boxes.

Never buy boxers or underwear with cartoon characters on them if you want to be taken seriously. Imagine your girlfriend going off into giggles and roars of laughter as she catches sight of Spiderman, Johny Bravo, BEN 10 or Sponge Bob boxers on a grown man. Ummm?

The king of the underwear market is still Calvin Klein, so if you don’t have the time to do your research on the new players in the undergarment market, head straight for the CK shelf.

Smell so good

Women get caught up in intoxicating smells. Great cologne could change the course of your life, or at least the course of your date. The arousing aroma of sandalwood, citrus and sensual pine can set a seductive agenda.

The best place to apply cologne is where there is the most body heat.

Heat activates the cologne and allows it to last longer, while colder areas dull the smell.

These “hot spots” are the wrists, the neck, on your elbows, and behind your ears.

Winning favourites include aftershave balm, deodorants and body washes that you need to layer up for the day.

Out for dinner

You need to match your ensemble efforts with the level of restaurant you’ve chosen.

Wearing a sharp suit to dinner puts you in high esteem all round. Opt for a two-button in a solid colour with a notch lapel. Add in those special touches with a classy pen, a silk pocket square and sharp tie.

As for fine jewellery, every gentleman has a preferred watch brand. Women are particularly fond of a watch that stands out, and that doesn’t mean it needs to have all the bells and whistles on it. The elegance and simplicity of a man’s watch will set it apart.

Keeping shoes in perfect condition as well as your grooming requirements will also add points to closing the evening.

Since again tonight all roads lead to 7 Arts Theatre for the National Arts Merit Awards ceremony, another major concern is on fashion disaster that has been taking place for the past decade and a half with our celebrities and musicians who seem to have bunked all the lessons on how to wear or what to wear.

We are so tired of seeing them in oversized day suits, non-fitting fauxe designer garments and too bright jewellery. For ladies some of the make up worn will qualify for the Zoombie challenge. Repeat after me; “Less is more”.

Yours Truly will be there and you really do not want to end up in this space next week as an example of how not to dress, do you?

Till next week when we reveal who wore it better, worst and best dressed celebrities on the red carpet, keep you style on.

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