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Be a ‘Fashionable dad’

22 Jun, 2019 - 00:06 0 Views
Be a ‘Fashionable dad’ A beanie is your ticket to warm ears

The Herald

Fashion 263 with Tafadzwa Zimoyo
It’s still men’s month and hopefully, all of you enjoyed Father’s Day specials last weekend.

I am sure you also received those treats — ties, socks, suits, jackets, frames, cups and all sorts and most probably  a weekend gate-away for those who could afford.

Being a dad is one thing and be sure you represent that part and stay smart.

I remember growing up, when dad wanted to visit my school, I would always remind him, “dad please wear that attire.”

I knew it will always give him that power status that I always wanted and tracing nowadays — the trend continues with most kids doing likewise.

Dads are just known not to care much about fashion especially if not  attending big events.

But one thing I want to salute men for  today  is, they are embracing the culture of fashion, dominating in the industry as tailors, designers and stylists meaning that the evolution is growing.

I do agree with fashion entrepreneur Tom Ford that every man should have a magnifying mirror.

“If you look good — magnified, you are set to go”.

Yes it is a thing of the past not to look good or just throw over clothes on your body, I am sure I am getting an “AMEN” from mothers and sisters that we now need fashionable dads.

In that regard, winter clothing is also a problem especially with men, trying not to spoil your designer suit or even to make sure those pants match the shirt or shoes.

I have compiled some of the things men need to add to your wardrobe to keep stylish and warm this winter.

Just like internationally acclaimed stylist Brittney Ornelas said the best season for men to dress up is winter.

From big knitwear jerseys to bigger overcoats, and countless layering options in between, winter is the time of the year to rug up in style, and show off your ability to match knits with denim, boots with a beanie and jackets with more jackets.

Here are the quick guide for a fashionable dad to master

Cardigans for a casual look: Yes, there were trendy in the 90’s especially with rock bands. Good thing is that the look is back and grab your cardigan jacket even “mubhero” or at Avondale shops.

Best part is any colour can suit any look. By the way,  you don’t need to be a granddad to rock a great cardy, a good one is an essential men’s winter wardrobe staple.

Opt for a more modern look by getting something with a thick weave, coloured in a neutral tone, and match it with casual clothes and sneakers.

“If you don’t own a shawl-collar cardigan, you should invest in one this winter. No other knitwear is more versatile, its collar makes it the only style that works with T-shirts, shirts or polos, for everyone,” advises Wesley Shasha, a cardigan fan.

Ribbed knitwear for winter warmth

knits aren’t for everybody: It’s true, but the best way to experiment with some wooly winter wear is to look beyond the colour or cut and go for something with a textured weave. A simple ribbed weave is an obvious men’s winter fashion trend as it’s warmer than other styles, and looks pretty darn good when paired with the right outfit too.

Whether you’re a V-neck or crew neck guy, owning some quality knitted sweaters during this season is essential.

Instead of reaching for a jumper or hoodie,  layer them over your button-up shirts and under your sports or jackets and blazers to keep from looking sloppy this winter.

Battle the breeze with beanies: You would need to have rocks in your heads to go through winter without a couple of beanies on hand. A beanie is your ticket to warm ears and a better outfit once the mercury drops, and is an essential men’s winter fashion trend to pull off the hat stand every year.

If you don’t have the kind of mum who knits freshies every June or July then source one elsewhere.

Your ears will thank you and when selecting a beanie I recommend a classic cuffed beanie, but for the bolder look, give the “fisherman” beanie style in a brighter colour such as red or orange.

Drawstring pants and trackies: Winter is all about keeping warm and comfortable, so some casual drawstring pants allow you to rock a softer, thicker material on the bottom half without the need to add a bulky belt.

Either a rich cotton weave or something fleecy like tracksuit material can be worn both super casual and dressed up a little with a blazer and a scarf, provided you get the colours right.

The versatility of drawstring dacks makes them a popular men’s winter fashion trend year on year.

I am sure some dads will follow the tips while with others, this will just be a throw away. I understand as Rome wasn’t built in a day, anyway enjoy your Father’s Day and be a super dad.

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