Bathrooms should have standard size Should there not be a standard size for toilets?

Fadzayi Maposah-Correspondent

There is nothing that can be as frustrating as getting to a bathroom and finding that there is a queue.

You know toilets should not have queues. One should just get into the bathroom and ensure that they get what they went there to do, wash their hands and leave.

When one is waiting for their chance to use the toilet, it seems that nature senses and gets prepared to for the relief.

 Have you not been to a ladies’ toilet and seen some dancing to stop nature as they await their turn? Or someone can knock on the cubicle doors just to check if it is really occupied! 

Never mind that when they came to the bathroom, there were others who were already there. I usually just stare at such people who will ask if really the cubicle is occupied. 

Why I just stare is I fear that if I open my mouth, I may just say the wrong things as I am just sure that I may be rude and ask ‘And so you think that we love queuing in a toilet as if we are at a food court?’

 Also toilets do not have a soap opera that we may be enjoying watching that we could be taking our time. 

This week I have had a chance to get into many toilets.

No I have not been doing a survey of toilets. I have had a chance to travel and experience what other people face in their day to day lives. The first toilet that I went to was massive. There was so much space. There was space for me to get in comfortably and put the two bags that I carried away safely as I attended to nature’s call. 

Besides attending to nature’s call, I just wanted to see what the bathrooms are like, totally behaving like a pre-schooler. Have you not heard that as one gets old, they behave like a child again? So maybe the child in me is making their return! 

The feedback is I loved the bathroom. There was a lot of space and the facility was clean and since the mirrors were positioned in all areas, I could have different views of my body! 

Which girl does not love mirrors! 

I had to leave as others came so they could have the freedom to view their bodies from different angles without me disturbing them. 

On the same journey after about three hours, I needed to use the bathroom again. I went to the bathroom. 

The door was beautiful and the picture on the door was equally nice. Then I opened the door. 

I am glad that they do not put cameras in toilets or the ones monitoring the CCTV would have come running after seeing the look on my face, wondering what I had seen in the toilet. There were about five cubicles in a very small space. When I attempted to open the first cubicle I had to do it very slowly because just by opening the door I was getting close to hitting the toilet bowl with the door. I have already told you that I was carrying two small bags and so I had to manoeuvre my way carefully into the toilet so that I would not bump against the toilet bowl. I did not even want to bump against the walls. 

That toilet was not built for big bodied people like me. 

I struggled to get in. The fact that I had a coat on did not make it easy for me. Please do not ask why I had a coat on! Who does not know that Zimbabwe has been very cold lately… 

When I was finally inside and was putting the little lock on the door, I was also looking around for a place where I could put my little back. Do not ask why I was carrying bags into the bathroom. I had no one to leave my bags with, a handbag and a back pack. 

Do you think that my employer would have been understanding if I revealed I could not find the organisation `s laptop which I had left on a bench as I went to the bathroom? This is because there was no way I was going to leave the handbag with my money, phone and national documents! 

The two were with me all the way! When I could not find the hook on which to hang my bags, I proceeded to relieve myself with my luggage! 

There is always a first time for everything! When it was done, the word relieved is the most applicable! I told myself that I would not go to the toilet again. 

Never say never.

My journey was delayed and because I had been enjoying drinks while I waited to proceed with my journey, I had to make the journey to the toilet again. Tortured twice! 

The next toilet I went to was massive. Each cubicle even had hooks for bags and I enjoyed the space and felt compensated for the torture I had experienced. 

After my `toilets` experience, I was bruised, yet experienced in how to handle my toilet visits, I had a question that I will ask here. 

Should there not be a standard size for toilets?

When the size is designed, is there provision for those like me so that we freely walk in and out of the cubicle without fearing that we will break parts of the compartment?

Also understanding that as females we have things that we need to carry privately such as sanitary ware and wipes, should not hooks or slabs for our bags be a priority.

The sanitary bins are appreciated, let us just relook the size of the cubicle. 

Bathroom visits should not be dreaded!

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