Baba Jukwa chats with Sahwira waBaba Jukwa

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Baba Jukwa chats with Sahwira waBaba Jukwa

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jukwa2Today we reproduce chats between Baba Jukwa (Mxolisi Ncube) and Sahwira waBaba Jukwa (Mkhululi Chimoio) and their associates. In the exchange below, the two were planning social media projects to smear well-to-do individuals. The typos are theirs.Baba Jukwa: hey u so quiet whats happening u no longer replying my messages

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: my account is blocked i I have not seen any messages

Baba Jukwa: Ok for how long did they block it is the page or account that is blocked

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I sent you several messages. a month  the account. I can see messages but cannot respond. web site is ok

Baba Jukwa: Yes, I see, but the page u can post in it. i mean that yo facebook page

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I was also worried that you were not responding to my message sent via the email. I can via website.    Not directly. I hope to post something via website. I have been fighting these Facebook people.

Baba Jukwa: ok no problem. But remember you have yo facbuk account and u opened a page through yo account so that page can post chief wats yo e-mail want to foward u something to publish now

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: [email protected]

Baba Jukwa: did u get anything nw from me update it

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Yes. I did. let me post it.

Baba Jukwa: shap later

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Later. If I post these pictures and the individuals complain they will Facebook will definitely shut my account. I will put up something

Baba Jukwa: put them on website

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Yes. I am going to. Don’t worry. Send other stories too.
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 – 7:44 PM Circles x

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Sahwie. ndeipi?

Baba Jukwa: in a meeting wth mdc guys

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: OK. Keep me posted so I can load on the website
Friday, May 17, 2013 – 9:37 PM
Circles x

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Hi

Baba Jukwa: hey chief yes website is the biggest weapon than facebook. there are guys from UK willing to help develop it and put section for videos where people can e-mail us violence videos and we upload i sent u a video wch u can upload

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Yes. Let us work with them. Let me check the video. I can upload it. It’s easy. Let’s develop the website Sahwi. I will upload it.

Monday, May 20, 2013 – 3:32 PM Circles x

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I am back Sahwi. How are you? Are you there?

Baba Jukwa: Sho people are asking m on why u quiet

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Let get the guys who volunteered to work with us to start work on the website.

Baba Jukwa: ok kul, wil e-mail them nw

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I am coming back in full force Sahwi. There is not going back

Baba Jukwa: shap let me e-mail them nw

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Give them my email address and we can chat here to design how we want to develop[ it and the changes needed. I only got the hosting for one month coz I wanted to see how pans out.

Baba Jukwa: ok kul [email protected]

Inbox him and tell him I refered u and cc me in that e-mail like nw so i confirm to him

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Is Shoko his name?

Baba Jukwa: It seems so chief

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I am sending the email right now Do you trust him Sahwi?

Baba Jukwa: Yes he is a kul someone but don’t reveal your name or anything to him use your sahwi details hey

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I never reveal my name. You know for shoo. I have copied you the email.

Baba Jukwa: shap i never got it [email protected] Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I have sent it now. I had not send yet Confirm receiving it.

Baba Jukwa: got it now thanks

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Do you have anything on this Bishop Trevor Manahanga. We need to out him. he has been loud mouth Trevor Manhanga I mean. Sahwi-My journalist friend in the UK asked to tell you that you are THE news in the UK and all over the country. He said you deserve a medal. Well done Cde. I told him I am in my personal account on facebook. He does not even know I am Sahwira. Are you still there?

Baba Jukwa: yes

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: He want to do an interview you and Sahwira either on chat or facebook. Would you agree to that?. He is from SWradioafrica UK based radio station and online newspaper  What do you want me to tell him?

Baba Jukwa: Agree to the interview also link him to me to chat through G-Chat

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: OK.

Baba Jukwa: Shap

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I am telling him now.  He will send Sahwi and you an email. and we will chat from G-chat

Baba Jukwa: Ok inbox me on the page when he is ready for a chat

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Sure. I will. He is Tichaona Sibanda

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Did Shoko see the email not responded.

Baba Jukwa: NOT YET

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Is it in an incorrect email address?

Baba Jukwa: its working chief

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: So let him know that I sent him a message. Sibanda asked to have the interview tomorrow here on G-chat.

Baba Jukwa: Ok what tym

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: He will let me know. he is in the studio right now.
Wednesday, May 22, 2013 – 2:38 PM Circles x

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Let me know when you are available Sahwi Wednesday, May 22, 2013 – 10:33 PM Circles x

Baba Jukwa: hey am here
Friday, May 24, 2013 – 4:26 PM   Circles x

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Sahwi. How are you?

Baba Jukwa: shap how are u  ???

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: What you informed me yesterday about putting together Dare Rechimurenga.

Baba Jukwa: Yes we doing that and we now on phase two do u want to be included in it

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Yes. I am in as always. Ungasiwe Sahwi sei? But tell me more about it.

Baba Jukwa: Ok great you are in, will tell you more after our next meeting
Wednesday, May 29, 2013 – 6:01 PM Circles x

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Sahwi

Baba Jukwa: ola

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: How are you?

Baba Jukwa: trying push our thing, i have taken to international level, we now in media in america and britain. we are going far

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Yes and its great news. Kudos Sahwi. I think we need to maximize the website presence in case facebook acts up and also followers need to be reminded that Sahwi is always there in case Facebook acts up on your site. People should not think that Sahwi is a copycat but should know he is a team  member.
Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I sent you an email. Check

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Shap. I will put the story with picture and give you the link

Baba Jukwa: In Harare, Ex President of Ethiopia Mengistu lives in the lap of luxury in the Gunhill suburb, with 24-hour security from the police VIP protection unit and the CIO at the Zimbabwean taxpayers’ expense. The Mugabe government has allocated Mengistu two large farms, one in Mazowe and another in Norton.

Mengistu owns a separate home in Bluffhill.  He drives at least six luxury cars, including a Mercedes Benz, a Toyota Prado, a Toyota Avensis, a BMW and a twin-cab truck. Mengistu enjoys a special fuel scheme from the state’s National Oil Company of Zimbabwe for personal use and for his farms, and his vehicles are serviced free of charge at the central mechanical equipment department. add that
Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Thanks.

Baba Jukwa: shap

Thursday, May 30, 2013 – 5:34 PM Circles x

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa Hi

Baba Jukwa: hey

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Bhora mberi. No turning back.

Baba Jukwa: great chief and there is an CIO behaving funny and want to force him to donate then we expose him

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Good. Let him do it and we expose him. How are the donations so far?

To be continued.

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