Avoid duplicity, civic society told Dr Utete-Masango

Leroy Dzenga Herald Correspondent
Outgoing Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Secretary Dr Sylvia Utete-Masango has urged aid organisations to direct their initiatives towards appropriate areas. Dr Masango urged civic society organisations in education to involve Government in their planning processes through the ministry to avoid duplicity.

She made these remarks recently at the official launch of “Leave No Girls Behind”, a four-year educational programme by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development aimed at improving access to education for girls aged between nine and 19.

“You said the programme will be targeting hard to access female learners, but I am surprised to see that you have included Harare and Bulawayo metropolitans among the targeted areas, what is hard to access about those areas?” she said.

“I feel there are other places which are far harder to access like Kanyemba and Chingwizi, where girls there would benefit more from such a programme.

“There should also be a skills thrust on the learning outcomes of the programme as some of your target population may not be interested in the conventional academic route, but skills that can help them.”

Plan International head of programmes Ms Tsungai Mahumacha said the project was likely to benefit 21 780 girls.

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