Author promotes patriotism among young people Herbert Mutanda

Mangaliso Kabulika Youth Interactive Correspondent

Young author, Herbert Mutanda has unveiled his second book, titled ‘Huyai Muchitima,’ which aims to promote patriotism and inspire the younger generation in Zimbabwe. 

The book delves into the history of this country, focusing on the struggle for Independence to instil a deep appreciation of historical studies among the youths. 

Inspired by his father, a war veteran, Mutanda embarked on a journey to preserve the stories and experiences of those who fought for Zimbabwe’s liberation. 

Mutanda faced financial difficulties during the writing of the novel as he had to travel to some provinces to get insight from other war veterans about the liberation struggle. 

“Growing up, my father’s tales of the liberation struggle left an indelible mark on me. I wanted to ensure that the younger generation truly grasps our history without finding it boring,” he said. 

“The book weaves together personal narratives, historical events and fictional elements to create a captivating and enlightening reading experience. 

“I had to sacrifice the little that I had to travel to different provinces for interviews to ensure that the book had accuracy and authenticity. 

“It is my hope the book becomes a valuable resource for schools and educational institutions, contributing to a more comprehensive under- standing of Zimbabwe’s history among the younger generation.”

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