Author Kurangwa gives insight on approach to life, success Evans Zekias Kurangwa

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A Zimbabwean author who mainly writes on entrepreneurial issues, Evans Zekias Kurangwa, recently  launched his second publication, “Play to Win,” in Harare following the success of his previous read, “Customer Service-The Happy People Effect” in 2019. 

In “Play to Win”, Kurangwa uses two contrasting examples to showcase his approach to life and success. He applies the law of the jungle to imply that one can be a potential meal for another, depending on the circumstances. 

On the other hand, he uses sport as a discipline applying the same principles for success. Throughout the book, he emphasises that one plays to win.  

In an interview, the author described his journey into writing as one driven by circumstances rather than passion. He says he was not born a word-smith. 

“I was inspired by the desire to tell my own story and share my experiences in making the world a better place. This was meant to motivate our generation, that in everything that we do, we should play to win” he said.

Kurangwa acknowledged that although there might be challenges that one may face in life, what matters is how one overcomes them.

“Managing time has always been a challenge. You envision the title, theme and content, but then packaging the final product is an issue. 

“There were many challenges, it took a lot of patience and perseverance to succeed,” he added. 

With technology dominating every aspect of people’s everyday lifestyle, it is hard to use archaic methods, but some have religiously followed reading as an art. 

“Convenience has brought about accessibility and books are readily available. Social media has done more to promote a culture of reading. 

“However, be that as it may, we still have people who love the feel of a print out. Those bonafide readers have never strayed, they still enjoy that intimacy with their hard copies.”

Kurangwa served the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe as a vice chairperson from 2015-2016. He has also appeared on the entrepreneurial reality show on ZTV, “Ndine Thaza”, as a judge .

Guest of honour, Youth Empowerment Development and Vocational Training Deputy Minister Kuda Mupamhanga, commended the author for his work. 

“As we celebrate this milestone, allow me to celebrate the efforts of all human capital in Zimbabwe. As you know, we are running under the mantra “Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo” as espoused by President Mnangagwa

“Business is called on to spur the nation while staff spur the business. Staff must be reminded that they are assets that have value and which are taken care of, We thank Mr Kurangwa for penning something to motivate them.” 

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