Aunt testifies in Kereke rape trial

Aunt testifies in Kereke rape trial Munyaradzi Kereke
Munyaradzi Kereke

Munyaradzi Kereke

Tendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter
Zanu-PF Bikita West legislator Munyaradzi Kereke accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in 2010 and indecently assaulting her sister, aged 15 at the time, made several sexual advances to the 13-year-old before the alleged rape, the court heard yesterday.

This was revealed by the girl’s aunt (name withheld to protect the victims) during the trial which continued in an open court.

In her evidence, the woman told the court that the rape victim confided in her and narrated her ordeal.

“She followed me to my bedroom and told me while in tears all what had happened. She said the accused had sexually abused her. She continued to cry and said she wanted her mother to know what had happened.

“On October 31 2010, we went to church together with the girls and my sister-in-law. That is when we decided to go and tell their grandparents in Greendale. When we went to Greendale, that is when in that conversation it was made clear that he had raped her. She told my sister-in-law that before the rape, accused had made several inappropriate sexual advances in the past,” she said.

The aunt added: “She said that one afternoon when her aunt (Kereke’s wife) had gone out, he pushed her onto the couch and when he heard the kitchen door opening, he stood up.”

She said the girl’s grandmother broke into tears when she heard of the alleged abuse.

The aunt was asked by private prosecutor Mr Charles Warara to narrate what then transpired after they had been told of the alleged abuse.

She told the court how they proceeded to make a report to the police as a family and how the police referred them to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals for a medical report.

“At the hospital, she was attended to in my presence and a female police officer who had accompanied us was also in the room where she was examined. Later on that day we were referred to Harare (Central) Hospital where she (the victim) attended a counselling session,” she said.

During cross-examination, Kereke’s lawyer, Mr Erum Mutandiro, unsuccessfully tried to base his line of questioning on a typed police statement purportedly made by the witness which Mr Warara dismissed saying it was wrongly transcribed adding that the statements were distorted.

Mr Warara insisted that the handwritten statement which the witness signed be used.

Magistrate Mr Noel Mupeiwa ruled in favour of Mr Warara.

Mr Mutandiro, who constantly got instructions from Kereke from the dock, accused the witnesses of lying against his client but the witnesses disputed this arguing that they had no reasons to lie against Kereke.

Mr Mutandiro further accused the aunt of “cooking-up” a story adding that her evidence contradicted that of the victim.

He said the events on how the alleged rape transpired as narrated by the witness were different from the victim’s version.

The defence made an application to have Dr E. Chanakira who examined the victim to be summoned to appear in court and clarify issues.

“We have proof that the said doctor was not on duty on the day that the examination was allegedly made on November 1 and authorities at the hospital failed to produce proof that complainant was examined there. We want the doctor to come and explain the interpretation of his findings,” he said.

Mr Mupeiwa said he will grant an order to have the doctor called.

The trial continues today.

Mr Warara alleged that sometime in March 2010, Kereke was alone with the girl.

He grabbed the her by the waist and pushed her onto the couch before fondling her breasts.

She allegedly screamed, but no one heard her. On August 22, 2010, the younger girl was allegedly asked to baby sit by Kereke’s wife.

When the baby fell asleep the girl sat on the couch in the bedroom and Kereke allegedly started fondling her.

He allegedly pointed a gun at the girl and threatened to shoot her if she did not comply with his orders. He then allegedly raped her once.

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