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Assessing e-learning benefits

27 Jun, 2020 - 00:06 0 Views

The Herald

Yeshua Dzumbira

Grade 7, Dominican Convent Primary School, Harare

The world has developed in many different ways and the style of living is very advanced.

Children all over the world during this pandemic are using online platforms to resume their classes.

Online learning is education that takes place over the Internet or in other words e-learning. This, at times, is very effective but it has its disadvantages.

Firstly, online learning is comfortable for both the student and the teacher for they can find a comfortable spot in their own home. Online learning also keeps pupils up-to-date in their work and occupied.

This type of learning is very flexible and gives a student time to do other activities instead of having fixed time tables as in regular school.

When learning online, students do not need to commute to school and that saves their parents money.

Teachers are not exhausted as much so they have the energy to explain a topic till their students understand.

It instils responsibility and self-discipline in students because they log into class with no one around pushing them.

On the other hand e-learning has some disadvantages that hold back a pupil’s learning.

Online learning provides little or no face-to-face interaction with the educator. Some bad students deliberately switch off their cameras, so there will be no facial interaction whatsoever.

Most teachers find it effective to go to regular school because they can address a situation whilst looking directly at the pupil.

But in developing countries like Zimbabwe not every family affords this way of living, and many pupils are behind in school work.

I strongly think that government systems in various countries can provide cheaper data options for scholars who are relying on online classes. I commend the government of Zimbabwe for taking that route because many guardians and parents are grateful.

In my opinion l do not approve of e-learning because face-face learning is still more effective.

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