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Aspiring candidates told to maintain peace

26 Apr, 2018 - 00:04 0 Views

The Herald

Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau
Aspiring Zanu-PF candidates in the Midlands Province have hit the ground running, with the party’s provincial leadership emphasising the need to uphold peace during the campaigns. Addressing an inter-district meeting in Kwekwe, the party’s provincial spokesperson Cde Cornelius Mupereri said those found fanning violence would be disqualified from the primary elections.

He urged losing candidates to continue working for the revolutionary party.
“President is on record emphasising on a peaceful and violent free election, so our advice to those who will be campaigning is that you should remain peaceful in your campaigns,” said Cde Mupereri.

“We want peace and those who will be found guilty of fanning violence will be disqualified.”
Cde Mupereri said candidates should bear in mind that there was life after primary elections and losers should congratulate the winners and work together with them to help the party win resoundingly in the harmonised elections.

“There is life after elections and in this campaign, we should not consider those we are contesting against as our enemies,” he said.

“We expect the losers to accept defeat and work hand-in-hand with those who would have emerged victorious so that we prepare for a resounding victory in the general elections.”
Cde Mupereri said people should vote for candidates who would represent them and the party.

“The President has also emphasised that this time around there is no imposition of candidates,” he said.
“Councillors and MPs should come from the people and the people should, therefore, vote wisely and choose people who will represent them.”

Cde Mupereri said those who would have been chosen to represent the party should campaign for President Mnangagwa.
“We want our President to win resoundingly and in our campaigns we should also campaign for the President,” he said.
“So, in voting we should choose candidates who share the same vision with the President. The vision is to turn around the fortunes of this beautiful nation.”
Cde Mupereri said Kwekwe legislator, Cde Masango “Blackman” Matambanadzo, who became the only notable casualty after the vetting of CVs of prospective candidate had not been dismissed from the party.

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