‘Arts is a family affair’

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‘Arts is a family affair’ Evelyn Mhaga . . . Simon Shumba’s first daughter

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Evelyn Mhaga . . .  Simon Shumba’s first daughter

Evelyn Mhaga . . . Simon Shumba’s first daughter

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Entertainment Reporter
It is true when they say, “the apple does not fall far from the tree”.

The late comedian Mutirowafanza (Simon Shumba)’s first daughter, Evelyn Mhaga, has continued to scale greater heights after following in her father’s footsteps as an artiste.

Mhaga, who has released her fourth album titled, ‘Bhuku Yemurairo’ and a book -”Time to Get on Your Throne” – said she was inspired by her father’s passion in tackling social issues.

“The album’s inspiration is based on the scripture Joshua 1 verse 8. My album states that books of law should be followed as it directs our lifestyle. ‘Bhuku Yemurairo’ has eight songs, among them ‘Nditungamirire’, ‘Pachikomo cheCalvary’, ‘Bhuku Yemurairo’, ‘Rwandishamisa Rudo’ and ‘Masungulo’. My father was my pillar of strength and I loved his passion when it comes to the arts and it is also my dream to follow suit, doing everything whole-heartedly,” she said.

She added that her late father was also a qualified musician, and his study books helped her career-wise.

“Many people didn’t know that apart from being a comedian my late father was a qualified musician. He went to a music college in South Africa and could play every instrument. I used to read some of his music textbooks which have helped me. In my book, I also talk of how he encouraged us to use the opportunities surrounding us. This is the time of my throne and 2015, back home I want to shine, showcase my talent at every given platform,” she said.

Backed by the 11-member Precious Blood, Mhaga said she wrote most of the songs while the others are from the public domain.

“As a gospel artiste, there is nothing new when it comes to preaching the word of God. I developed most songs that are circulating in the public because if you want to get more fans, try to understand first what they want. You know it is difficult to take everyone to church but you can make them sing along with you when they hear your music. After all, music is also a form of preaching,” she said.

Mhaga, who last made headlines in 2004 after putting up a scintillating performance at a Nguva Yakwana show, said the arts should be taken seriously as they sustain liveli- hoods.

“I left for South Africa in 2004 and came back last month. I used to sing at different shows. Music was my passion. As you can see, this is my fourth album after ‘Timuzive Jesu’, and ‘Vanunurei’ which were not very successful inasfar as acceptance and popularity are concerned,” she said.

Mhaga, who is married and has two children, said arts was more of a family affair.

“There are four of us in our family; my sisters Winnie Patsika and Zvisinei Svubure are pastors and Marshall Shumba is in South Africa following in our father’s footsteps as an actor. Marshall once featured in a local film in the 90s, ‘Everyone’s Child’, as one of the street kids. He has also featured in several productions abroad and works in the Ministry of Education in South Africa,” she said.

She said was working on the videos of the album and both book and album will be launched next month.

Her role model is South African gospel songbird Rebecca Malope.

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