‘Artistes should prioritise choreography’

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‘Artistes should prioritise choreography’

The Herald

Tawanda Marwizi : Arts Correspondent

Choreographing is one aspect of arts that needs to be taken seriously as it enhances good stage works for artistes. Choreography can be defined as the sequence of steps and movements in dance or figure skating, especially in a ballet or other staged dance. Tendai Guzha, a choreographer, believes dancers from various genres should learn about the aspect that brings interesting stage moves.Guzha is co-founder of popular dance group High Definition and obtained a certificate from a Dance School in South Africa. In an interview the dancer said he has embarked on teaching children in schools about choreography and the response is overwhelming.

“We worked with the group High Definition since 2010 and we failed to maintain the momentum and the group collapsed in 2013. I had to go to school of dance in South Africa and managed to obtain the certificate,” he said.

Upon his return this year he tried to revive the group High Definition but his efforts hit a snag.

“I tried to revive the group but I failed. That encouraged to me to try other avenues and I started teaching children in different schools,” he said.

He has also been having solo performances at different venues that include the Zimbabwe Germany Society. People have been responding well to my solo performances. I have been fusing traditional dance and street dance making it interesting,” he said.

He has started hosting dancing battles at Theatre in the Park venue. It started about three weeks ago and the event is steadily growing.

“The idea is to let people know about choreography with the response being overwhelming in the three weeks we have been doing it,” he said.

He said all genres were being included.

“Dancehall is one genre that can have well acclaimed dancers if taken seriously. We have to encourage the dancers to come and fuse it with street dancing,” he said.

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